During my lifetime I lived in two countries – Ukraine and the USA. Even now I still have my life, my friends, my passions in both of the countries which are across the Atlantics from each other. I clearly see the advantages and disadvantages of living in both of the countries. Some of the American values became closer to me then the values people have here, in the country I grew up – Ukraine. On the other hand, sometimes I do not get cultural peculiarities of the USA.

The biggest thing I do not want to accept about my native Ukraine is people’s attitude. I am generalizing, of course. Ukrainians like to talk about how hard their lives are and do not pay attention to pleasant things. It looks like people enjoy struggling. They also think money is the main thing in life. Every time I meet people here and say I am really good and nothing bad is going on in my life at the moment, they do not have anything to talk to me about. That is probably why Ukrainians are mocking Americans for their shallowness and broad, but sometimes phony, smiles. Thinking about these things, I come to the conclusion that I would rather have phony smiles than sincere hatred. I wish people from my nation would realize this simple thing – the law of attraction does work and you have whatever you are thinking about. Someone was very right advising to be careful what we wish for. Dreams and wishes do come true eventually.

Even though I might look strong, funny and happy, I do have my moments. Sometimes I am nearly giving up and losing hope in myself. Those are the hardest moments and I share them with the closest people. The words of encouraging help a lot during such moments and this is what I saw here, at WorldPulse community. Reading stories written by others and having comments to my stories really helps to lift my spirit. I would like to be your correspondent because I would like to get an advice on how to change my people’s attitude towards their surroundings. Is it possible at all? I would like to be your correspondent because of selfish reasons too. I would like to know there is someone who shares my views and approves them. That would really help me in doing what I am doing right now.

“How can you be happy? You came back here from the USA, don’t work in the most popular newspaper anymore and don’t have a job. What’s good in that?” – I heard that from a person I barely know just yesterday. I am getting used to phrases like that. They kind of even make sense since yes, I came back from more developed country to less developed country. To tell you the truth, it was not exactly my choice; such were the circumstances in my life that I had to come back. I am also sure the USA will stay in my life forever. I am in love with that country and I know it is mutual. I also know I will go back there eventually. Yes, I do not work in most popular newspaper of my native city of Ternopil and thank God every day for that. When I worked there my life was total stress. I was nervous every day and could not be relaxed even on weekends. I do not even want to mention horrible working conditions journalists and editors had to work in. Now these conditions are even worse and every time I visit that newsroom, I am really grateful I do not work there anymore. Yes, I do not have a regular job, but I have freedom and have the luxury basically to do whatever I want to do with my life. Besides, I started to do charity and really enjoy that. And yes, I am looking for a regular job and I know the Universe holds my ideal job somewhere there for me.

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Heartwarming piece. Made me smile. Made me question the essence of life and whether they are necessarily achieved in the biggest of things be it country, job or money...Thank you for this Olesya.

You have it all. what it takes to reach the future you see. What can I give you? Hmmm...maybe my special cloak of thick skin? wear when you face bad critics. Helps!!!Love

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Thanks for baring out your mind... Once a while, we should learn to be grateful for small things! Thanks for sharing Olesya.

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

"the law of attraction does work and you have whatever you are thinking about... Dreams and wishes do come true eventually."

This is so true. Do you and live out your life passion. Work life is nothing like that of our parents and grandparent in some ways it is better, in others it is worse.

Life yuh life chica and all you blessings will come to you.


I admire your courage for going back to your home country and beating all the odds! I really enjoyed your writing style, it's very powerful and touching. I think that your confidence will beat any walls you encounter as a journalist in the Ukraine! :D

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

Dear Olesya:

I like your positive attitude especially despite when people don't understand that your circumstances are not always your own choice, and that sometimes your choice might be a path that is less conventional.

That must be challenging with people who are so used to feeling the struggle and not looking at the positive side of things. How do you think you can change that, though? That sounds pretty ingrained. But maybe with your Law of Attraction way of being you can indeed do that.

May we affirm: the people of the world will learn to love one another and have positive attitudes about their circumstances, being glad to be alive and able to love one another!

I send you every best wish-- you certainly have a very positive start!


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