Like every other woman, my marriage was what everyone will pray for, I married my heartthrob, I was in love before the challenges began to raise its ugly heads. the miscarriages were coming in quick succession just like the African mother hen who sucks her eggs yoke, that was what they named me, but is there any sane woman who rejoices at miscarriages?

I was asked to seek medical attention, the doctor said it was fibroid, I went for an operation and it was discovered that there was no the theater, after opening up my womb, is that not funny?

After some other miscarriages again, my husband sought for transfer to Nigeria's capital city and I was left behind in Lagos, I was a dutiful wife and I remained behind. Lonely, Alone and believing that God will answer my prayers one day that may never come.

With a push from my husband's younger sister who was close to me, I decided to visit my husband at the capital city, on getting there, I was met with several questions, one of which is why will you come unannounced? Visit my husband unannounced? At the end of the day, one of his friends was asked to take me to his own and there he explained to me that my husband has gotten another wife and a child.

I do not know who to turn to, his family members were so happy that he was rid of a barren woman and now they can carry their own grandchildren, my world collapsed. He is with his wife and four children today.

To avoid total mental breakdown, I gathered all I could and ran to London where I have no relations and lived in that strange land for four years. This is just the beginning


Dear Olufunke,

You're not alone,my dear Olufunke.Childless doesn't mean you are not a complete woman.Outside your house there are a lot of individuals who are willing to accept you and will make you happy and fulfilled as a mother.Can you not find an institution i.e'orphanage or home for the aged wherein you can voluntarily render your presence/service and whatever help you can give to them?You can spend your productive time let's say two-three hours of your time looking/taking care of them/reading books for them/feeding them or playing with them.Time will come that you will notice that your life is a meaningful one,somebody out there are waiting for you. Cheers and I am here with you,remember?That's the reason why World Pulse is here,to connect us from different part of the world.

I am so happy that you have patience to advise me, I feel so sad about life and everything that everybody has done to me, but now I want to live a new life adn be good to myself and to good people. Thank you....

You are not alone, we are with you from now on. Just be focused and pray. I am not afraid of anything, before I WAS AFRAID BUT NOW I BELIEVE SO MUCH IN THE POWER OF GOD. He will see you through but my advise is that you should not be alone again. Engage your self in lots of productive works even if to volunteer for an organisation. How will you volunteer without shelter and food? No start from somewhere, God will only bless what you are doing, he cannot bless emptiness. Lastly, be closer to girls, talk to women like you, and do not bottle up anything any longer, speak out and be relieved. Welcome and be active.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https: