Friends, colleagues, Midwives, JENNIFER,

Please I really need your assistance in writing a sellable oped because I intend being to be perfect in this job, I really feel I can do better.

My love for Nigeria cannot really debar me from writing about issues disintegrating this crawling though great nation. Sectoral violence is threatening Nigerians continuous existence and will want to write my opinion about that, presently Nigerians cannot sleep with both eyes closed because Boko Haram, the Islamic fundamentalist group is a powerful sect that may regroup any moment from now. I will appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Thanks for everything.


First, of course you can. I love reading your pieces and they are beautiful. Just relax as you write your heat-out. It will touch or change somebody. And this is our goal in writing. You got here, so you are more that capable.

Your angle is interesting. I would love to know why the group you mentioned is causing so much trouble in your land. It reminds me of 'Kenya burning' after the 2007 elections; and we all need to know how it's affecting your people.

I'm waiting to listen in, and wish you the very best!!

Enjoy writing. We will sure see it as we read....


Regards, Stella Ndugire Mbugua

Community Champion - sub Saharan Africa group 


The sect is an Islamic fundamentalist who wants total Sharia in Nigeria and no to Western education and civilization but all we want is peace in Nigeria and western education that brings about development. It is all over, my prayer is that we all become agents of change wherever we find ourselves.

Thanks sis

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