16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM AGAINST GENDER BASED VIOLENCE starts today. Take a stand, join online campaign. Do something! Let’s collectively say “no to all forms of violence and discrminations against women and girls!

Add UNIFEM widget to your blog of social networking sites.

Visit the following sites for you contributions 1. http://www.takebackthetech.net/ 2. http://www.unifem.org/campaigns/vaw/ 3. http://genderandme.blogspot.com


Thanks for sharing these amazing links! Would you mind re-posting this as a global event? I visited the Women's Technology Empowerment Centre site and love what you are doing! Did the AWID conference give you any new ideas for your work? What was your favorite part?

Warmest wishes,


Thanks Lisa,

AWID has given us amazing new ideas for our work. We are already thinking of carrying out a resaerch on ICT for Movement Building in Women's Organisations in Africa

You asked me to post this as a global event. Care to tutor me on how to achieve that?

Thanks Lisa


Toyin Ajao

I LOVE to be here with you after FTX and AWID,and with all other women in this community.How beautiful!

Many women in my community believe that they deserve the violence that they undergo.This is the time to say NO! Many campaigns will be launched on this day in Kenya.I and my group of Women Living With AIDS will also do a one day campaign.We are trying to get some men who can support us in this course.

I say NO! to all forms of violence and discrminations against women and girls! and always will.

Let us hear more of how it goes in Nigeria!

Hugs from Kenya,


Thanks. W.TEC didnt really have a stand at AWID but we had a skill building session on blogging.

And we partook in all FTX activities

How are you?


Toyin Ajao

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I hope this helps! If you have any other questions or suggestions for the site, please let me know!