I am the first of four female children of my late parents. I am from a patriarchal society where tradition says women are not equal to men. As a first child I have childhood memories of the trauma my parents particularly my mother suffered because of her inability to give my father a heir . Many a time I watched my mother quarrel with my late paternal uncle who was always quick to remind her that females have no place in our society and are likely to end up as never do wells . So I grew up with this thought that it was an error to give birth to all females I grew watching my mum fight helplessly against a system of injustice. I saw her pains when she lost her two males at birth . I also saw my father's deepend pain at the loss of those male kids who never made it beyond their birthdays . It was a story better told than experienced . Tradition and Culture can really be wicked and unjust . Somehow as I grew something kept on telling me that a female child could actually make it in life and I dis saw a handful of females who beat tradition abd ended up successful . Our society is damn unfair to women it got to a ridiculous extent when a man I was supposed to marry made a U-turn on the excuse that I might end up having females like my mum ! Since that day I always had it at the back of my mind to use everything within my power to bring down gender inequality . As I matured in life I always loved places, fora, platforms or associations that would champion yhe cause of women in general anfd gender equality in particular . I have always known that though I was born a female I am. Not in anyway less important to a male though my tradition believes to the contrary. Sadly so . This led me to journalism, a profession I saw as a means of champioinig the cause of women. And this also contributed to my journey to World pulse . In march 2013 I was opportune to attend a training programme for female journalists in Nigeria organised by the American Consulate . There I met a fiend wha saw my passion and introduced me to World pulse . He told me join other women so that the world can feel your pulse . And truly when I keyed into it i saw that it is in line with my vision of making the voice of the woman to count . Today as I write my society is still a far cry in terms of gender equality though non governmental organisations and the government are trying their best but their is not just good enough. So I see this platform presented by the World pulse as a great one where I can contribute my quota to improving the lot of women . Our women must speak out now !

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Dear Oluwayomi,

Thank you so much for sharing your personal story and your journey that has led you to World Pulse. I wanted to congratulate you for the way you told your story as writing from the heart can be challenging and overwhelming but it is such a rewarding feeling once you have freely spoken and told your story through your eyes. The quote that most stood out from your essay was when you stated “Since that day I always had it at the back of my mind to use everything within my power to bring down gender inequality.” I admire your courage, resilience and your determination to continue to fight against gender equality. You serve as great inspiration for us all. Your voice is powerful, and the way you are channeling that power in further supporting other women to raise their voices is admirable.


Dear oluwayomi: Thank you for sharing your personal experience, it also reminds me a lot about the time when I was growing up in Akure. You know what they say EKiti people and Akure people are best of friends. I am glad that I met you via this medium, particularly I am glad that you have raised a critical issue that concern women in that part of the world. I hope to learn more about your experience with journalism.