Having been born into an all female family I have seen a lot of injustice against the female gender which had helped to create a concise vision for my life at a very tender age . A vision to see a world where equity, justice and fairness thrive irrespective of gender. A vision in pursuit of fairness . This is so because I have witnessed my late mum go through pains simply for the fact that due to no fault of hers she couldn't give birth to a nale child . I had watched her been insulted or jeered at that her daughters will never be successful in life since according to traditional belief success resides with the male gender. Headship or leadership is the right of the male child even when it is obvious such a male parades no leadership quality (ies) . In my little years I had overheard my late dad been advised by his uncle to take on a new wife who would bear him a HEIR and so many time he responded that children were gifts from God and so he had no choice . God rest his great soul . He remained a monogamy till he passed on and made sure that all of us had quality education from primary to the university . As I grew up I realized that problem awaits a woman who could not bear a male child. I saw women lose their marriages to the male HEIR syndrome . I saw women lose their lives in their bid to have a male child. Its that terrible . I have seen so many women bear more children they can cater because they are searching for a male child. Despite the fact that education came and brought light to our darkness - at least now we know its the man that determines the sex of a baby yet the crave for the male child has not decreased . Many men still crave for a male child whether he is educated or not . All these had helped shaped my vision in life . My vision has always been to see a world where no woman would be maltreated for her "inability" to have a male child, where all children are treated equally and have equal access to all the things of life . My vision is to see women become successful, achieve their dreams and become economically empowered. Call me a feminist, I believe in women and I want to see them excel . Most importantly my vision in life is to be successful so that I can serve as a role model to other young girls. I want my life to be a positive challenge to people . As a journalist in a local media I have used my office to make the woman's voice heard. I have always ensured that women and women's issues are given prominence . But then I still have the urge to take my voice from a local level to an international level so when the World Pulse opportunity came my way I did not let it slip away . On the World Pulse I am joining my voice with voices of other women from all over the world to generate and share information about women and women issues . As a visionary who care deeply about women issues locally and globally I am going to take advantage of the new media to amplify my voice , develop networks and collaborate with other women around the world . So that together we can make a change .Speaking our minds and sharing our visions does make a difference . The above benefits made me consider being a "Voices of our Correspondent". I know as a correspondent I can be digitally empowered to vocalize and actualize my vision for change . I can also have increased visibility for issues and challenges faced by women in my community and finally I can have opportunities for publication through World Pulse and partner media organisations . Although I know that challenges may abound on this "trip" but I am desirous to make my voice count . I want to join the change" TRAIN" .

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.


Your voice is so powerful Yomi and I am also identifying with you as somebody who knows and have passed through what you are talking about. RIDE ON my dearest sister, the sky is the beginning!! CHANGE must come to the situation of women in Nigeria and all over the world and our destiny lies in our hands. Keep raising your voice and we will surely get there.

Warmest Regards Busayo

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Your piece resonated greatly with me as I have heard about women being blamed for not bearing male children all too often. Your vision statement "to see a world where no woman would be maltreated for her "inability" to have a male child, where all children are treated equally and have equal access to all the things of life" was succinct and strong. It is so good to read that you are already currently working towards your vision as a journalist in a local media by advocating prominence to women's topics and how the training could help you go further.

I would love to hear more about your work as a journalist and some of the pieces that you have been writing. Well done!

Carpe Diem

It is sad to think that so many women lose their marriages, their lives, and their dreams due to the power that society gives male children over females. Your post shows how much you care about the subject even though you were fortunate to have a father that valued female children a well. Thank you for sharing! Anna