Challenges and Barriers • One major challenge is finances basically because I have not been able to get a job since I graduated from the higher institution. Anything good and profitable will require a sum of money to carry it out even to the simplest task. • Because one of the ways I want to create a change in my community is through writing, I have an issue with people’s attitude towards writing especially in the part of the world I belong to – Nigeria. This is an attitude that is common in Africa as I once heard someone say that if you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book. • Inaccessibility to people that have gone ahead – mentors- of me in the same thing I am planning to do and who could lead me through it and teach me the basic things I need to learn due to the type of community I live in, a community where you cannot just get the access to see someone unless you know somebody that knows the person.

Present Solutions • Since I have the sewing knowledge and ability, I have decided to put it into use in order to make some money to be able to put some basic things in place that would help me create the change I want seen in my environment. I have also started working on my second book, though I am still looking for sponsors though, which could actually be a source of income to me. • I am presently working as a volunteer in an NGO, and really working with the NGO at promoting the reading culture in Nigeria by contributing to the book drive going on presently. I am also working at having my books read in CDs so that people that cannot read can at least have it played in their CD players and still get the message I am trying to pass across. I also try as much as possible to encourage people to read when I have an encounter with them on one-on-one basis. How PulseWire can help • PulseWire would link me with mentors who would help me along the lines I have chosen • PulseWire will give me the exposure that would be necessary for what I want to do especially in the information technology area. • PulseWire would help to make my voice heard in a better and faster way by enabling resource exchange because I can post part of book contents on the website.

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Dear sister, how I felt while reading your piece. I admire your strength, commitment and hope amidst the odds. I'm certain that you'll achieve much and touch many lives if you work persistently.

Love and best wishes, Pushpa