My personal vision for my life My personal vision is be a resounding voice for positive influence in the world by helping people become what they want to become and making them know that they have to do it the right way. To raise independent individuals who are financially alright and morally sound and individuals who influence their community and world at any time and thereby become role models for other people to follow. Humility is one of the attitudes I would like to see displayed in them and also they should be accessible to other young people and women to learn from. I intend to eventually carry this out in a school-like environment and it will be my joy to give you a glimpse into that in my next paragraph which talks about my vision for my community. My personal vision for my community To create a learning environment where people especially young people and women would be taught, encouraged and modeled into becoming responsible and diligent people, especially young people and women, with a healthy sense of identity and self-worth, and good self-esteem, skillful in all kinds of arts and crafts. This people will be raised in such a way that they will be able to mentor others who are just coming up. Following this is the glimpse into the learning environment: Mission/Objectives • To establish a structured training college with efficient workers. • To provide a conducive environment of learning fully equipped with the necessary learning facilities. • To discover the creative ability in every youth and woman. • To nurture (develop/sharpen) such creative ability… Departments The department would include:  Fashion designing (wears, bead jewelries, shoes, bags).  Make-up (Hair making, facial enhancement)  Interior decoration  Foods (baking, cooking etc.)  Writing  Music … There will be the introduction of compulsory capacity-building courses in all the departments like: • Identity/ self-perception • Leadership • Self worth/ Self-esteem… Students • Scholarships for the less-privileged and extraordinary students. • Access to the library. • Encouragement to excel through competitions. • Automatic employment available after the training session… My personal vision for my world My personal vision for the world is to see discrimination disappear from among peoples of the world, seeing people coming to appreciate one another’s culture and at the same time not losing their identity, seeing people able to help one another to achieve what they are set to achieve as individual persons and individual nations. Why I Want To Be a Voices of Our Future Correspondent • I want to be a Voices of our future correspondents because it will give me a good network with people who could groom me and who I could groom. • It would help in fuelling my passion when I am able to learn of the things that people in my community and community are going through that I was not aware of. • This opportunity will give me an access to people who would help me along my journey, that is, it would give me quality relationships. • This opportunity could help create a community of cheerleaders who would encourage me to go ahead in my task of positive influence in my world. • This opportunity will enable me to stir some other people who do not know how to properly invest their lives into action when I am able to bring to their awareness the suffering of people who are not as privileged as they are in their community. • This opportunity would also help develop my skills especially writing skill and also help create a wide range of readers. How will this help you achieve your vision? Just like I said in my first article, the above benefits will be like a spring in my steps enabling me to bounce as high as possible, that is, it makes achieving my vision easier and more interesting like: when I have people who believe in me and encourage me as an added advantage to my belief in myself, and people who can groom me, I will be willing to go all the way and so on…

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Dear Opeoluwa, I enjoyed reading your essay. You have set out a creative, clear idea of how to contribute and promote the lives of girls and women. I wondered about your choice of subjects for your school. How did you choose these subjects? Do they interest you particularly? I hope to read more essays from you. They are very interesting to me.

Warmly, Christine

In reading your piece, Opeoluwa, your commitment and determination to be "a resounding voice for positive influence" shines through.

Based on the detailed description of your objectives, you have clearly given your "personal vision" a great deal of thought. You've eloquently underscored the potential of the World Pulse online global platform to bring about widespread social change, through the collaboration of inspiring community leaders such as yourself. Keep up the great work!


Hi, Your vision strongly reflects what's needed most in the world: Action. I appreciate how much thought you put into this essay, and how concisely you defined steps to achieve these goals. I also liked how emphasized the concepts of co-creating and collaborating with other women; mutual support and skills sharing are fundamental to any learning program. Have you started to talk to women in the community about getting this learning environment? What are some of the obstacles you face? Maybe one way to get it going is to start a mentoring program and grow from there?

Looking forward to reading more of your stories.


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