My journey into business started out of neccesity. i got to a point in my life that i knew it was wrong to collect money from men i was dating.i needed something to do with my hands that could support me and God opened doors.Today am a proud Craftsperson (www.facebook/vera.akpan) and i love what i do. l make Proudly Naija pieces. My personal Vision is to be an international Brand for my business....i want to promote my Craft far and wide! My vision for my community is to empower young women that have a chance to explore their hidden talents rather then engaging in vices that have long term consequences like teenage pregnancy;rape;sexual molestation and the likes. l currently have a Mentoring session with college girls and so far its made a huge impact in their lives and mine. There's nothing like being a voice for the voiceless.those that have no chance;no channel;no ability to put forth their case and see changes. Being a correspondent will help me with the right skills to interview others;draw out issues especially ones that terrorise and plaque my community and bring them to the front burner for attention.The power of social media needs to be utilised to the maximum. Am so looking forward to beyond this point (hopefully) because when am empowered a million other women are. My main goal really is not to change the world but to change one woman at a time because ONE woman holds in her womb the seeds of many generations. That's a huge and enormous responsibility.Collectively we can do more.

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Dear Sister,

Yes, one woman holds many generations in her womb, but one woman like yourself can influence many generations. Every woman you touch by your positive self-image and as a positive role model will in turn affect many more women and so it goes.

Please be so proud of yourself for taking the courage to become a craftsperson and taking charge of your life.

Your sister in the US,


Jan Askin