Every day, I think that things can be better, I can improve something, I can find more time, I can share a little more; I can be a better person, a better mother, a better wife, a better friend. Everything I do, say or think, points to this: That I feel there is more to life than just existing. I want to contribute to knowledge and help find solutions to pertinent problems such as sexual and gender based violence, family conflicts, and weak legal systems.

I want to be an accomplished writer as well as impart knowledge and skills. I want to write about life, and about the law and about celebrating womanhood. I believe that telling my stories and the stories of others would influence how we view ourselves as women and how we deal with our emotions and needs in a very demanding environment that expects us to give up our dreams for others. I wrote plays, short stories and poems as a child and dreamt of being an author. But I write different kinds of stories these days; Essays and articles on social justice, human rights, women empowerment and legal systems. I aim in my writing and discussions with others to stimulate interest in human rights and offer different perspectives in addressing social or legal problems. In order to influence policy, one has to gain credibility both in reputation and qualifications. I hope my desire to pursue a PhD would give me the added boost to achieve my dreams.

My vision for my community is one that has unity of purpose. I live in a country where people are divided by tribe, language or religion. This creates conflict especially when competing for limited resources e.g. water, jobs, etc. However, we share a common heritage of traditional values such as respect for elders, dignity in honest labour, integrity, solidarity, justice and fairness. If only we can focus on the fact that we are all human beings with rights. Then we can work hard to protect those rights and begin to resolve problems of poverty, gender disparity and intolerance. It also means that a community with unity of purpose is better equipped to address governance challenges and lead to establishment of democratic institutions.

I envision a world that is peaceful, free from pollution, an environmental paradise where women as well as men have equal opportunities and recognition. There are so many internal conflicts and wars despite the existence of International and regional frameworks for prevention and resolution of disputes. The increase in rape and sexual assaults during conflicts in Africa show that the risk of sexual violence is high when there is a war. United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions 1320, 1820, 1888, 1889, and 1960 address the issue of women, peace and security. The UNSC resolutions, combined, seek to ‘combat’ sexual violence during conflict, increase women’s participation in mechanisms for prevention, management and resolution of conflict including peace building. Justice institutions like the African Court can be useful instruments for combating injustice and restoring peace in our world.

I want to be one of the Voices of our Correspondent because I want to write about women’s issues and I believe the PulseWire Community of correspondents provides the best platform for achieving this. The PulseWire community is a unique platform that affirms and stimulates women to be better in themselves and whatever they do. It also helps to amplify women’s voices so that we can be collectively heard in public and international forums. Being an online resource, it offers me a cost-effective dissemination tool that can serve as a catalyst for social change that I desire. I want to contribute my own experiences to finding solutions to issues that affect women. I can do this by writing commentaries, articles and sharing information in my journal, in groups and other correspondents’ posts. Most importantly, I would have access to a great community of women across the globe who share similar visions, and who can be part of the transformation I want to see in myself, my community and our world. I would also be source of knowledge and encouragement to others by my words, actions and engagement in the community.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.


This evening I missed my favorite cartoon show Doraemon and I blame you for that! I read your comment on my email, came to read your post and got stuck! But, I dont think Doraemon would mind :)

What a beautiful world would that be with fresh air, secure planet and just society! Amen to that! And best of luck for the VOF selection!!!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Stella, now I had to google Doraemon to know what you missed! Thanks! I thank World Pulse for making it possible to bond with you online. I thank you for your insightful comments and friendly remarks. I wish you all the best in the VOF selection. I am sure we would continue to write and share ideas. Apologies to Doraemon. Friends are for sharing!

Best wishes, Osai

Twitter: @livingtruely

Our life is a process of constant improvement. When we feel we have accomplished a lot we get something else that reminds us gently that there is more that needs to be done. So with VOF you have been challenged more to write on the issues you see in your community and effect the social change that you talk about in your article. All the best sister.

I certainly have felt more challenged to write more by participating in the VOF program. I am also glad to have met inspiring people like you. A big thank you to you and everyone.

In solidarity and sisterhood, Osai

Twitter: @livingtruely


Thank you for sharing your vision. It is very well articulated. I hope you get opportunities to be a catalyst for change and to write more on these issues, here on Pulse Wire and elsewhere. I look forward to reading your work. Keep at it.

In friendship, Jasmine

Hello Jasmine,

Thanks for your thoughts and kind words! I am challenged to do more and keep at it.

Best wishes, Osai

Twitter: @livingtruely

Thank you Osai for sharing your thoughts and vision with us...I really hope that you continue on your path here with VOF and elsewhere...no matter where you go...you can and are making a difference...Attitude and intent is everything!

I stand in solidarity with you...


You have such a great vision for what you want to do as a Correspondent and can see from your entry that you are on the right path to achieve your desire to effect women's empowerment and human rights policies. Having an outlet to write and share your thoughts with everyone on Pulse Wire is a great opportunity to make a difference and raise awareness about the issues you see in your community and country.

Thank you Nesima. I am humbled by your kind words and encouragement. Now that I have found Pulse Wire, I don't want to let go.

Best wishes, Osai

Twitter: @livingtruely