I would like to request for funds to complete my 3 weeks Training in HIV and AIDs. I have a balance o f Kenya Shillings 15,000($200) and I may not be given my certificate at the time of completion 27.02.09. I therefore forward this appeal so that I can be able to finish and leave with my certificate to enable me start offering my services to the community.

Thank You

Vincent Otieno Otuka


Hi! How has your training been so far? This sounds like an amazing experience and an incredible community tool! I have just a few questions that may help others contribute to your training. How much funding do you still need? What is the name of the organization that is conducting the training? Do they have a website? Would someone be able to wire the money directly to the organization?

A great place to post a request for resources on PulseWire is on the Resource ExChange page: http://www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/exchange. Also, have you seen the Jambo, Hello from Kenya group (http://www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/groups/1474)? Maybe a member in this group could direct you to organizations or donors that might be able to help you?

Best wishes,


BONJOUR LISA, I got your message and i was really wondering how i was going to do about it.One of my classmates helped me to settle my balance right now i was requesting perharps if somebody could give a helping hand(Fee) to persue a diploma course in hiv counselling & clinical set up at liverpool vct treatment & care.I will apreciate any assistance given to me. vincent otuka

Bonjour Amalia, I got your mail and i was unable to reply it due to the fact that i forgot my password.some time back i was requested for funds inorder to complete my education in the above intrest but the response i got i did not understant how to go about it pliz am just trying to imagine how you are going to help me and how does this make you feel? hope to hear from you as soon as possible A bientot