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Hope itself is a hope; it is a bird of without wings. It doesn’t have wings but wishes to fly high. Hope is the first response of the heart, but in reality, not simple to hear and undergo it. Hope is a mountain of devoid of void and peaks, a river of without wellspring. It is flattish and smooth going among boundaries by crossing them gently. It means that

Hope is my dearest mother, her sparkling eyes and her purified heart beating. Hope is my gentle father his shinning and pearly teeth, and his glory heart. Hope is my eldest brother with his generous thoughts and sweet unwritten words of his heart. Hope is my elder brother with his entertaining humor sagacity and kingdom heart. Hope is my younger brother with his unbelievable skills and his acceptable heart’s messenger’s sound. Hope is my young sister with her poet features, creative mind, and beautiful colored heart of full love. Hope is my younger sister with her joyful behaviors; enlighten mind, and the queen of the hearts on the land of the wisdom. Hope is my youngest brother with his big, gorgeous, and black eyes and the king of the hearts on the land of the wisdom. Hope is my youngest sister with her sweet crying, nice smiling, and pleased innocent heart figure. Hope is my eighteen days old sister with her unfamiliar face and unheard heart beating. Finally, hope is me, I am the hope, and, indeed, it is a hope. Indeed, hope is my written and indefinite words from my divine spirit for you all.  It is me and you Your Love and My Love

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Oh, this is my quote attached to my signature, it is with all my comments. It is simple but inspiring to me so I wanted to share. You are very talented!

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella