Gulnaz with her baby girl on the floor of prison
  • Gulnaz with her baby girl on the floor of prison

A twenty years old girl sitting on the floor of the prison, with a little baby girl in her arms, she is feeding the baby. There we can see only an image of a mother, feeding her child. I opened the CNN news website and read about the story of Gulnaz. Before reading the news, I went through the video, where the woman could speak in my home-country's language. I watched the video, I could only hear her voice, because there was only voice capturing my whole sould and I could only focus on her tone. There was no words for her story but a big piece of her misery in her words. Everyone can find from the video that maybe Gulnaz's heart has turned to mountains, the blood drowning in her nerves might have been turned to cold water, maybe her pain is beyond our imagination.

No one knows the further story of Gulnaz. Because she is not allowed to tell her story, her pain, her miseries, and her choices. In the second glance to the video, Gulnaz says, “His dress and hands were dirty as well as he had a bad smell.”

Gulnaz a 19 yrs old girl has been raped by her cousin's husband in a ghastly room of her own fatherhood house. The horrible figured creature locked the doors and closed the windows. She started screaming, his hammering hands locked her voice inside, she could not shout, she could not move, and she remained a nearly-dry drop of water under the stiff gray rock of desert. She was lost in the harass of livelihood, voiceless and guilty.

Till now, if any Afghan woman, who become the victims of rape, would have been killed, burned, or buried alive under the ground. People's mind never carve on the thought of blaming the rapists. The society responses, "It is woman's fault that shows herself to the man, so she has to be blamed first."

Even a woman within the same society says, "A raped woman should be killed, she does not deserve to live anymore. She is dirty now, impure, and taboo for generation and our cultures."

So in this case, Gulnaz is the lucky one, she got to live in jail, for some other women of same feelings. However, for educated, liberated, and open-minded women, it is still one of the injustices that are making her to suffer life of a dead person. The court has been declared that, she has had two options; either spends 12 years in jail with her baby girl or to marry the rapist after 3 years of sentence in prison.

She became pregnant; the society started blaming her for being raped. The society and family accused her and the government jailed her for 12 years. There is only one way for Gulnaz to be released after three years from the irony cage of jail, to agree to marry the rapist. Should Gulnaz suffer a life of being raped all the time? Should she live with the rapist under his heavy body and dirty smell forever? What about the rapist, should he enjoy raping her again and again?

No one knows; expect women of Afghanistan about, What is the Afghan government’s declaration of sentence for the rapist? Nothing, Why the Afghan government does not sentence him for 12 years? He is a man, the perfect human. Why Afghan women have to be blamed for being the victim of rapists? She is a woman, a toy for man.


Parwana sista, I also have watched the Gulnaz's story in CNN news yesterday. so touching filled the eyes with tear. what a painful !! can not even hear such a story but Gulnaz is bearing all . We can do for her is just raise the voice and make it global.

My full sympathy and my pray for her good life.

thank you dear for sharing this here.

Dear Usha: Thank you for your note. I think, this time it might not be only praying for her good life or having sympathy for her, but to cooperate with her. Please join our group "Give Gulnaz Your Voice, Free Her with Your Voices," in Facebook. This time, it is going to be a different step for doing a just step for Afghan women as part of women of the world. Thanks, Best regards, Parwana Fayyaz

Dear Parwana,

Are there movements in Afghanistan to change the laws around issues like this? And is this an actual government law or a cultural/tribal law that has been inflicted? Afghanistan is such an incredible place, with so much potential. I hope one day it and it's people will reach their true potential--particularly the women!

Kind regards,


"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

Thank you for your note, I am not sure about movements inside Afghanistan, but there are movements in some other countries for changing the laws around this issue. For example, there is a petition for "A Call for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai for the Immediate Release of Gulnaz" We, Afghan Youths, around the world are trying to change the situation for Gulnaz, because this time we will not stand voiceless. We can only hope for the Gulnaz's freedom, since her freedom will be all the Afghan women's freedom. We are trying to call as many people, especially women from around the world, to sign in this petition for the representation of freedom in Afghanistan for all Afghan women's freedom. I, personally, request from the WorldPulse members to give their voices to Gulnaz for her freedom. Can you please call all the women in WorldPulse to sign for Gulnaz's freedom? Thanks, "Hope matters." Parwana Fayyaz

This is both inflicted by governmental and cultural law, that have captured Gulnaz in the cage of prison, only for being the victim of rape. We can only hope for a day, when women in Afghanistan reach to their true potential, if not during this generation's life but the next generation will leave in peace in Afghanistan, Enshallah, fingers crossed. xx. Thanks, bests Parwana Fayyaz "Hope matters"