About Me: I am a young man ,from Nigeria,but has lived more than 16 years within west African countries Cote d'ivoire,Burkina Faso,etc..and France respectively. I have put in more than 10 years of research on the subject of teenage trafficking within West africa and outside Africa. with discoveries that the world needs to know and best policy to adopt to bring this evil to a stop. with more than 6 years of experiences in the ground work and advocay and realisation of a documentary 2011. Though faced with sad experiences and dangers of different plots by the traffickers in Burkina Faso, false accusations by the Nigeria Ambassador to Burkina faso and my illegal arrest put in prison for daring to eradicate the syndicate of traffickers existing in Burkina faso.with the intervention of the Burkina faso judiciary sector that set me free and encourage to continue with the fight for human rights especially of these women and young girls, deceived, trafficked,forced into prostitution,raped, cajoled and manipulated psychologically to remain silent while the traffickers have their way.

My Passions: Justice

My Challenges: society moral decadance

My Vision for the Future: top human right activist and stopping teenage trafficking in West Africa

My Areas of Expertise: teaching,campaigning and investigation


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President LUTRA JEUNES Association Nationale de Lutte Contre le Traffic des Jeunes Tel:+22674730205

Courage d'avoir songer à la lutte contre le trafic des jeunes adolescents en Afrique de l'Ouest. en vrai dire, ce fléau ravage presque toute l'Afrique ,c'est pourquoi il mérite d'être poursuivi. alors je voudrais savoir quelles sont les stratégies que vous utilisiez pour lutter contre ce fléau.