I appeared prepared. I did my homework. I read the module. I researched about my subject. I prayed.

I prayed that my subject would grant me the interview. And I prayed that she would be in Manila and not in a conflict area in Mindanao. In case of the latter, I psychologically prepared myself to pursue her wherever she goes so I can write my story as long as she is within Philippine territory. Will that make me a stalker? Certainly not paparazzi.

I am a World Pulse Media Correspondent. This is what I said to myself while beating the traffic on my way to the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP). This is my first assignment and I should be very good at this because this will make or break my career. Said I to myself.

I need a recorder! So I hurriedly dropped by a gadget store to buy one. The saleslady demonstrated how it works. I tried it.

I reached OPAPP half an hour before the appointed time and this is for the books.

I was candid when I told Ging that this is my first assignment. She made me feel at ease by asking about what I do. I asked her permission to record the interview and automatically clicked the recorder when she said “yes”. Alas! The recorder got nervous. It didn’t work. Am glad that the OPAPP staff who was assigned to take minutes of the interview offered to use their office’ recorder and upload it on my computer later. Whew! That saved me.

The interview went smoothly for more than an hour. I was impressed by how Ging explained the serious and complicated topic of peace; of how she gamely answered my questions regarding her hair and the movies and books she like.

It really helped that I read about her before the interview so I don’t have to ask about what has been written and focused my questions on the spirit behind her passion.

When I listened to and transcribed the voice recording, I had to remind myself about Rule No. 6: Don’t take yourself too seriously. I had bloopers as serious as: What results are we seeing in the next future? I was referring to the outcome of the peace process in the “near” future.

Now, will have to check my recorder again. And Sisters, remember Rule No. 6.


Jitters and bloppers? I wouldn't have guessed it after reading your excellent article! It's awesome that there was a back-up plan for your failed recorder. Yes, Rule No. 6 is important, but I have to tell you... I consider you a seriously good correspondent. Keep up the excellent work!

Let it show, then relax...one additional beat of your heart is fine. Soon enough, they will just be fun to remind you with. I mean, the jitters and bloopers. However, I swear, you will make it. Your passion is what you are made up now. Keep it up, Pauline...