It's common knowledge to know that women, especially in this day and age, struggle. We all face dilemmas day to day, and stress gets to us often; it's okay if you feel like you want to let your frustrations out and tell people about your day.

Here, you can find solitude in saying whatever you'd like. You can tell us about your day, what you wore for the day, what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can tell us about how you're feeling, what you're doing. You can tell us about what you're struggling with. Anything, really.

This is an opportunity to get everything off of your chest for today. And you can get help, find resources for yourself or just make some friends along the way. 


Thank you for expanding on what this group is for. It certainly is a place to come together and gather energy in the midst of this difficult subject. The flowers are so beautiful I can almost smell them. Glad you are part of the group!

In sisterhood,


Dear Pechsakhan,

Thank you so much for this. Its great to know that your ears are ever open and your arms widely outstretched for me to vent whenever I feel like it :) Thank you!

Stay Amazing!


Founder, Girl Pride Circle

We all die. The goal is not to live forever, but to create something that will.


I am honored to be your listener! I know that it's difficult being a woman and having to deal with standards and hardships everyday, and I know how frustrating it is when things get a little tense. So please, come and tell me about your day whenever you'd like!

My regards,

• Pech Sakhan ❤️

Pech Sakhan,

Thank you very much for reminding us that we too can vent and not hold in our various emotions which may seek to get us down at times or frustrated that nothing seems to be working out.

It is healthy to vent in a manner which brings some measure or release and many of us vent in various ways, some verbally speak, some walk, some swim, some do art or listen to music.

Venting is about regaining a measure of balance. Looking forward for more wonderful post from you.

Sherna Alexander Benjamin

"Whenever the human rights of one is violated the human rights of all are in jeopardy." - Sherna Alexander Benjamin