daily i searched for yu but i was unaware
i was so full to the seam and i was bursting
i needed an outlet,a vent to pour out
it was like a volcano waiting to erupt
in the midst of my darkness a crack
appeared sending shards of light my way and it grew bigger by the day
my health returned my smile returned and my well was full of
i crawled to the light and whisphered the spoke out shyly at first then loudly and
then screamed boldly
such was the life u gave me
you appeared to me unaware
in an instant you changed my life
my glass is full and overflowing
i was transported to Pakistan, Uganda, America,south America,Egypt
i met somaye dehban,aysha ibrahim,anita muhanguzi,janice w,zoepilifias,delphine crescenzo,phionah musumba the list is endless
i was soaring across borders without a passport
actually without living my house
i was here i was there i was everywhere
the globe is now here with me
yes!i found you. then i realised i had not been alone in my quest , others also found you
and are still finding you
millions were rising within you
our rock, our platform,our voices, our lives
all became one
you were what i needed
now i am here
i thought, i said, i did it and i found myself and you found me
lets keep the fire burning
as we enjoy our journey together and achieve greatness because we found each other
you , me and all the millions who are on this bus.

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You have such a way with words. I am forwarding your poem to the CEO of World Pulse as I am sure she will enjoy reading it. Best wishes, Janice

wow are you serious.thank you im so humbled. i hope my stories ttouch a life and make a difference. wow

we may be powerless to stop an injustice but let there never be a time we fail to protest. regards pela

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