I have followed World Pulse for the past 10 years and was totally re-inspired when I attended World Pulse Live with my partner last night! What an amazing journey that has touched millions of women in the past 10 years! Based on the stories I heard, I have made a personal commitment to continue to support this organization financially and perhaps even more important, to make comments when I am touched by another woman's story...The message was loud and clear about how important it is for women who may feel disconnected from other women to feel "listened to"...Thank-you Beatrice, Chi Yvonne, Kara, and Jensine and all of the wonderful staff and volunteers at World Pulse!


YES! I'm so glad you were able to join and experience the power of World Pulse last night! We are only able to achieve such great things because of our incredible community--including you.

Thanks for being with us, and thanks for your re-dedication to participate however you are able.

Looking forward to seeing you online!

Scott Beck

It was an honor and a gift to be part of the celebration! I told my partner it felt like a "Love Fest" with such a feeling of celebration and vision for the future! Thanks to everyone at World Pulse!

I was there too! I too feel totally energized and re-inspired by the power of World Pulse after attending last night's event. I brought along a friend who is in the midst of an incredibly painful time in her life and she was so moved and healed by the words spoken on stage and the loving energy and connection in the room. She could understand the speakers' pain on a deep, personal level--it felt to her as if they were speaking directly to her. The World Pulse mission to give voice to the voiceless is so beautiful and I am so profoundly grateful and in awe of its power!

I am still buzzing with the high of being there with my friend last night!!

______________________________________________________________________________ "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." -Hafiz