I am Georgian. My name is Anastasia. In ancient Greek my name means “reviving”. Georgia is even more ancient and beautiful. There live many different nationalities on it. And each corner of this land is improbably beautiful. Since ancient times the earth gave to Georgia the best grapes, of what experienced wine makers made the premium Georgian wine. The Georgian songs were always melodious, the Georgian dances - exciting, the Georgian feasts - impressing, and the Georgian earth - proud. The beauty and pride of the Georgian land were described by its great writers: Shota Rustaveli, Galaktion Tabidze and Ilia Chavchavadze. And the voice of Georgian singer Hamlet Gonashvili is the original reflexion of the pulse of the Georgian earth. Day by day the beautiful cities and edges of Georgia give love and heat of hospitality to thousand tourists. Unfortunately, wars and civil strife have separated from Georgia several regions. The people of Abkhazia, Ossetia and Georgia have spilt a lot of blood, mothers of these sacred lands have lost their brave sons. But before all this these lands were called with one name – Georgia. In my country people like to repeat a saying: force is in unity. If I could just realize the meaning of my name, I would revive the territorial integrity of my land. I would revive the peace and friendship on each plot of the Georgian land. And on it would spill the tears of happiness and not of sorrow and Georgian wine, instead of blood.

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Thank you for sharing your story and educating us on the history and struggle of your nation, Georgia. Your country is a place that we hear little about in the US media and it is an honor to connect with a woman who can speak for herself on the situation there. I hope that you will continue to share with us your story so that we can better understand the conflicts, needs and situation of this region of the world. I stand with you in your call to revive peace and friendship.

Warm regards, Jade

Thank you very much. I am so happy, that you like my story. As you know I am new on WorldPulse. And I would like to here from you all some advices.

Aung San Suu Kyi spoke these words which seem to apply equally to your home of Georgia as to her homeland of Burma. Your country has had a blood-ridden past with recent armed conflicts with Russia and the separatist groups from South Ossetia and Abkhazia but hopefully, this period of peace will last and your generation can look forward to a more unified country again. Thank you for sharing your story and I look forward to reading more from you about Georgia.