Georgia observes "World AIDS Day" since 1994. Unfortunately, in Georgia this problem is especially actually this year, because only in 2009 (according to December, 1st) have been fixed 354 new cases HIV-infected that is 7 % more than last year. The world statistic shows that Georgia belongs to countries with low indicator of AIDS-infected. The first case of HIV/AIDS has been revealed in 1989. In 2009 year in the –°entre of infectious pathologies, AIDS and clinical immunology of Georgia have been registered 2204 cases of HIV infection, 53 of them were children. 16 children died. 48 kids have caught AIDS from mothers, and 4 of them - as a result of the recipient of blood. Still in the lead way of infection with AIDS in Georgia is the use of IV drugs (59,5 %), then goes infection through heterosexual contact (34 %) and through bi-homosexual contact (2,6%). 2.2 % have been infected by vertical transfer, 0,6 % - the recipient of blood and 1.1 - the infection way was not defined. In Georgia this year has been approved a new bill of AIDS. So, control of AIDS, stigma and discrimination, protection of human rights - today is one of the major problems in Georgia. We sincerely hope that by common efforts we can stop HIV/AIDS infected growth next year. Georgia says: "Stop AIDS. Give the promiss!"

Take action! This post was submitted in response to 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence 2009.


Thank you for writing about the situation of HIV/AIDS in Georgia this World AIDS Day. AIDS is a global issue - in it's prevention, treatment, stigma and discrimination. And it is important to hear what's happening in all corners of the globe. Please continue to write on PulseWire to shed light on what's happening in your country. You are our link to Georgia and your voice brings us news, culture and stories from this land that we hear little of, but we feel the urgency of its people. We are so thankful to have you in our community!

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nous sommes au congo,pour une mission de lutter contre la violence faite au femmes, les orphelins et le fille domestique, nous travaillons pou le droit a la femme et le developpement durable, nous sommes tres rejoint de votre journal. merci emmanuel balagizi