This sonnet below tells why I get involved in this online community. ----------------------------**********************---------------------------------------------

Is it true that you learn more from your experience than from your book? How it would be if you could feel being a woman from all the places around the world? Here, you will learn and hear things that never happened in that nook; Do you know that ideas and information worth sharing before they die old?

How would it feel to live a world of our own, Where no one would ask you to keep your ideas to yourself? Does not matter if you are white, black, or brown. Speak up rather than keeping your ideas in the book-shelf.

It’s not only about learning, but giving as well; Because others do care when you share. If you want others to hear the bell, You should never refuse a dare.

Lucky that you have now an opportunity to communicate, Count not only your voice, but also of those who suffocate.