About Me: Hi, I am pratibha sharma 26, from india,i am married,but unfortunately my married life is on point to break,i am in deep pain, can some body help me,i dont want to live my life,i cannt bear this pain,no body is mine in this world,no body is there who can hold my hand to move on,where i go,is there any place in world where i can get shelter and restart my life,in service of poor,helpless women,girls,

now i want to dedicate my complete life for empowerment of women in this cruel and bitter of of man.

My Passions: there is nothing left in me

My Challenges: to fight for women right

My Vision for the Future: where women can live at her condition,and happily by heart.

My Areas of Expertise: nothing left in my heart,as i lost everything


you sound really really down. i hope the women here will be able to lift your spirits. NOTHING is so bad......and whatever it is that is wrong, in time you WILL see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe that things usually have a way of working out for the best.

take care! noreen

Dear all,

Everytime,women has to sacrifice,whether its love,relation,her emotions,her values,her likes,etc...why?

Why she had to beared that pain of separation,why always society want to pull down the self-respect,or self confidence of women,is there no place for an ordinary women,why is it neccessary that if she is either,great politician,in police,or on some good position,than only she would be respect by the society, Do common women have not any respect for herself?,

why she left alone by society,if she is weak,she is divorcee,wow great........

when she needed the most supportive hand to hold her,that time always she has to passed by feeling of humiliation,and lonliness.............

plz get me out of this place,as now i cant live here for a second,cause my memories are dying me....i cant bear this pain anymore,,,,,of separation from my husband.................

no body is mine............today i realize that in this world its the biggest mistake to be born as girl.................

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Hello Dear,

Thank you so much, as i was searching for peace for me from long time,but i got hopelessness from everywhere. but when i joine this community,there's little hope enlighten in me,that now i can get any way to overcome from this pain,and now i can restart my life again with self respect.

i am really hopeless,this time,as i lost everything,no hope is living on me to live a life for a single second,

i dont understand,why in this time of highly technolical imrovement,and womens are empowering rapidally, than only women are use to humiliate,insulted,harrassed,....

why?? is this the developed moderated,liberated society original face ?

no,there are lots of women in this world are still surving with this humiliation..............no freedom to live there life....

women can only be live life,if she used as immortal mute thing.......bear everything silently..................

i hate myself to born in this world.....

Hello dear friend...

thanks for giving me support,as I need the support this time....i am greatly dissapointed from my life.... hope there are hands who hold me and give me way ,where to walk....or where to move ....on which way..........

Hey,, dear sister please don be so down ,, you have voice, you have speciality, you have courage, you should be brave for other who really can not stand for themselves.. but you can share your pain, you can share your voice by writting here think of to those who can not have resources and skill to share anything... you should be role model , you should be a voice of those unheard and unspoken voices. be brave my dear, my pray, my moral support is always for you.

enjoy life try to convert your pain into courage and be a model .

life is precious, smile please.

Please do not be despair, feel free to connect and be the voice you want to become.

Lots of love from me...

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https: