I am  from Liberia, The executive Director for  promoting public & Social Development programs in health started to  implementing  advocacy campaigns programs, for HIV and AIDS Prevention,teenage pregnancy  Gender Base Violence, right base  and Reproductive health activities targeting young girls who are involved in commercial sex work,  as way of  creating awareness to reduce HIV and AIDS infection and other social related issues with these girls in communities  for a healthy society as well as restoring their dignity .


Hi Queenie, Welcome to World Pulse:-) I would like to learn more about your work and who you work for. It sounds like really important work. Do you enjoy it? Please tell me about the important work that you are doing in Liberia.

Thanks Jlanghus, and good to hear from you as well. It is very exciting working with these girls especially with the passion that I have in helping them to change their behaviour.  Meanwhile , check our facebook page with the name of the organization Promoting Public and Social Development Programs in Health and see some of our activities..

Hello Queenie, I admire your efforts to help girls and women live independent lives, free of violence. This is a huge task! Allowing these females to talk together in a group might be key to sharing their stories, which in turn surely reduces their guilt, and helps them think through any choices they might have. I am glad to read of your mission. Thank you, and I wish you more success in these efforts.

Thanks, that is also a brilliant idea. I really appreciate your comment and look forward to hearing more from you. Meanwhile,  we are planning a workshop as part of our 2017 activities, as well as designing series of discussion forum where these girls can tell their own stories and then help them to make the changes they need depending on their decisions for a better outcome.


The team is presently in communities creating awareness with these girls as well as  doing  recruitment for our up coming skill training for 2017. Meanwhile we are in need of funding to implement the  program.

Promoting Public and Social Development Programs in Health is building the skills of girls and women by empowering them to generate their own income as well as providing HIV and AIDS , STI and sexual Reproductive Health information at the community level so that they can make inform decision about their health. Meanwhile , we are in need of support or materials to expand the program to serve more girls. However, you can visit our facebook page and see some of the activities that are taken place.