About Me: I am an American woman, divorced from an abusive Spanish husband and in retaliation for having the courage to file a complaint against my ex-husbands' repeated threats to kill me if I ever left him, a corrupt Spanish judicial systems has:

  • illegally and unconstitutionally abducted my children
  • embezzled all of my assets ($1,000,000+ including my website (www.global-expats.com) and thrown me on the street destitute, forcing me to return to the USA to continue my custody battle
  • obliged ME to pay child support to my ex-husband with no funds with which to do so
  • given me full responsibilty of all financial liabilities of the family with no funds or means with which to assume these debts
  • and now are in the process of initiating criminal procedures against me so that if I ever return to Spain for my children I will be incarcerated.


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I'm so sorry about what happened to you. You are such a brave woman, you still want to help other women in need of help even though you've been through things I personally can not imagine. I really hope things go well for you and please let us know how it's possible for any World Pulse member to help you.

Good luck and all the best, Kizzie

Wow. If domestic violence wasn't so common, it would be unbelievable.

Congratulations for having the courage to divorce your ex and to move on with your life. I think the website you set up sounds great. It is hard enough to take action when you are in a familiar environment - but in another country, without support networks - very challenging.

We have quite a few members here who work in the area of domestic violence or post on the topic. It is such a prevalent form of violence.

Best wishes into the future,