Working alongside Hasina Kharbhih and her team at Impulse offered the opportunity to be immersed in an intense, dynamic, passion-driven environment. Impulse manages to embrace vast and varying social activism efforts with resourcefulness and an extreme measure of dedication. Here is a snapshot of some of the work I became involved in during 2009 – 2010 as part of the Impulse team:

RESEARCH MANAGER: My background in criminology research prepared me for the task of designing and conducting an investigation aimed to identify Nepalese children trafficked into nearby coal mines. My research framework received international funding that enabled me to train, and imbed 26 field workers at the mines for a month. I have since collated and analysed responses from almost 1000 child labourers and developed a comprehensive report presenting recommendations for future interventions among trafficked and severely exploited children. Publication of this report is soon expected.

EVALUATOR: I prepared a final evaluation for UNIFEM funded anti human trafficking operations. This required traveling across numerous states, interviewing chief functionaries, reviewing all project-specific material and rendering an objective analysis of intended versus actual outcomes.

AUTHOR: With insight into areas requiring capacity enhancement among critical anti human trafficking networks, I authored a book to present solutions for organizational weaknesses. Entitled ‘A Practical Guide to Governance, Legal Compliance and Financial Management for NGOs in India,’ I later used the contents to structure a 3 day conference for NE Indian partners. Attendees were provided intensive consultation from non-profit management experts.

ADVOCATE: In developing solutions for Indo-Bangladeshi cross border repatriation of trafficked survivors, it was my assignment to arrange a Dhaka-based stakeholder conference. Together with 6 other Impulse representatives, I participated in the generation and promotion of partnership agreements.

Working in India cultivated my ability to maximize time and resources. It allowed me to thrive among solution-oriented individuals and build an inspiring network of culturally and professionally diverse social entrepreneurs.”

Rachael Kilsby Impulse, Feb 2009 – Feb 2010

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Rachael, I am inspired to see a fellow Australasian on PulseWire and working out in the field. I would love to hear more about your experiences, and what you took away from this project personally. Please keep us posted when this report comes out so that we can all gain insight into this abuse of children's rights. Your voice is so vital to bringing more awareness to the issue of trafficking and in finding solutions for prevention and repatriation.

I look forward to reading your interview with Hasina. I have a feeling there are many more such stories you can share with us. Keep writing. Best wishes, Janice World Pulse

My Kiwi friend, the antipodeans seem to be few in number at PulseWire, though perhaps it's just relative to population. If only our sheep could type then maybe our numbers would be compensated! Thanks for your interest in our work at Impulse. I'm really looking forward to being able to release my research findings and have the international community become aware of realities experienced by the child laborers among our interview sample. It is the largest investigation of its kind in this part of India and, with enough pressure, could be the catalyst for some meaningful policy changes. Stay in touch!

Rachael Kilsby