Dear VOF Correspondents!

Hello out there! It has been such a pleasure to read your posts and hear about the amazing accomplishments of this courageous group.

I want to briefly introduce myself....I am the new Program Manager for VOF 2010! Currently, I am working on a part-time consulting basis until the program starts up again this coming spring. During this interim period, I will be focused on fund-raising and Scott will continue to do a fantastic job managing the day to day needs and activities of VOF--so please, continue to direct your program questions to him for the time being and I will chime in where needed.

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the World Pulse team and VOF. I have been following World Pulse for 5 years, ever since I heard Jensine speak at an event in Portland, Oregon, USA. I was impressed and moved by Jensine's vision and goals from the beginning, and she and the WP team have done an amazing job growing WP into what it is today. It is my hope that I can help contribute what skills and passion I have to make WP and VOF the best they can be.

For the last eight years I have been working in the humanitarian aid and community development sector. Most recently I worked for Mercy Corps in Burma on post-cyclone recovery in the delta. I have also worked in Afghanistan, India, and Thailand. I have specialized in Program Management, Design, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Gender and Development. At Mercy Corps, I focused on increasing the gender lens and gender programing throughout the organization. I am thrilled to be working for WP, with its focus on empowering women to raise our voices and create solutions that work for us and our communities.

I am currently based in Spain, but spend as much time in Oregon (where I am from) as I can!

Again, I want to tell you how impressed I am by your writing and your accomplishments. Thank you for making the pilot VOF program such a success!

I want to give a special thanks to Scott and Janice who are doing a great job of nurturing VOF! I am looking forward to taking VOF into 2010 with our amazing team.

Kind regards,

Rachael Maddock-Hughes


I know that under your guidance and with your expertise, VOF will become even stronger. I look forward to your dedicated stewardship of the program and building on the accomplishments of our pilot year. Best wishes, Janice

Dear Rachael,

It it really nice to have you in our midst, welcome ma!

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Thanks to all of you for your kind and welcoming comments! I look forward to working with you all in the new year!

Kind regards,


"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

Dear Rachael,

You're very much welcome in our wonderful world of friendship and sisterhood! Happy New Year to you! I'm so happy to be with you in our journey. I'm sure this will be another exciting journey for everyone of us. Our friendship and our community needs people like you who is always willing to give a hand and a heart. Great challenges are ahead of us , as we venture in new horizons of life and of women empowerment. Looking forward for a wonderful experiences with you and the Pulsewire community.

More power!

love, Malaya