Now I know why some people believe in God. I know why they simply have to have faith, because sometimes there is no other way for us to get through the day. Faith gives us hope and peace that in the end of all this mess, everything will be okay. When we have nothing to hold onto, when we have nothing to help guide us, and when we feel too weak to carry the burden ourselves, faith in God, or whatever outside force it may be, becomes the hand of which we hold. The mind can only comprehend so much abstraction before it needs something real to equate with the abstract. God is that idea we have made tangible in order to feel the presence of Love. The word Love, in our minds, is an emotion or a feeling. When we reach out to that feeling, we touch air. But when we reach out to God, we touch Love.

Some things feel just too big to handle ourselves. When we confide in God, we acknowledge how small, mortal and insignificant we are in the universe. God truly humbles us.