About Me: I am professional Mexican woman living in the United States since 1991. I have a double master degree. One in Transpersonal Psychology and one on Women's Spirituality. I specialize in the Psychology of Money helping women to transform their relationship with money

I am an independent radio producer, making community radio in a non-public station. I reach Latin women through my show and also using social media.

I love to fundraise for different organizations, for the past three years I have been one of the producers of The Vagina Monologues in Spanish in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the present I am the Chair of the Board for Third Street Community Center, an agency helping Latin children with amazing after school programs.

I am committed to help my community to awaken to the possibilities. The Latin community is the fastest growing minority and one of the least educated, we also have the highest rate on teenage pregnancy.

My Passions: the psychology of money, women's issues, radio, fundraising

My Challenges: English as a second language

My Vision for the Future: A strong and vibrant Latin Community in the US who sees the endless possibilities

My Areas of Expertise: women's issues and the psychology of money


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Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent


Thank you for the welcome.

According to me I already applied for the program, now I am confuse.

How should I know if I did


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