When the oppression began, you knew things were going to be bad That there would be pain, suffering and agony, that the journey ahead would be sad But from the beginning you knew what to do When a net of oppression was forced upon you You didn’t scream and you didn’t cry You simply gnawed on the ropes, you wouldn’t let the enemy get the best of you, you wouldn’t lose the battle without a try Sometimes it was so hard, it seemed as if you standing naked on the edge of a cliff, With all your worries and sorrows, a sixty foot drop awaited you But you were stronger than that, you didn’t let the enemy get the best of you You took a deep breath and spread your arms and soared towards freedom as if you were an eagle You lit a candle for your husband, sons and daughters and you didn’t blow out the flame Everyday was a new challenge for all of the children of Eritrea, and these children needed that warm loving fire to help them along the long, harsh way With your ardor, the days of suffering passed by quickly, every decision you made you knew would determine tomorrow You lit that candle of bravery and honor, and you didn’t let the wind find it, you helped bring independence, the end of your children’s sorrow Whether we told you or not, the flame you lit keeps your children going Keeps us striving for the best, never let anyone take our pride, our wings are spread and now through the sky we are soaring

Take action! This post was submitted in response to International Women's Day 2012.


This is just incredibly beautiful! What a sweet, poignant way to honor your country, to personify her in such a loving way, to thank her for her nurturing and strength. Your poetry is uniquely yours, and so deeply moving that I am overwhelmed. I always love it when something moves me to tears - not that they come so easily, but only when powerfully moved with beauty or sorrow or injustice. You have aimed all three at my heart this evening and pierced it with your love. Thank you. ♥ Hannah

Thank you for such a nice comment! I'm happy that you found my poem to be deeply moving, although you are from a different part of the world. It just goes to show the innate solidarity women can have despite their geographic location!

Beauty is inspiring no matter where I find it! Your poem was so from your heart, so genuine and real and expressive. Love and beauty have no boundaries, and our appreciation of the beauty we find in each other celebrates our diversity while bringing us together through the many things we as women share in common, no matter where we are. If only everyone could see the many reasons that drawing near each other makes a better life and a better world than distancing ourselves. I've found that at World Pulse we tend to share much more from the heart than in other places. It feels safe here, and we get to really learn about each other and the things that matter most to us. Reading everyone's experiences, their challenges and journeys and victories, is encouraging and motivating beyond words. Somehow learning about and falling in love with everyone else through their writing gives me a fresh perspective on myself. I admire the women I have met here for their accomplishments and how hard they are working toward their many unselfish goals despite the circumstances that make their work difficult, as well as for their beautiful writing. Now I'm happy to have found you, too!