I was in a bus heading home yesterday when I had a flash back about the things that happened in the past that I had forgotten about but made a huge impact in my life. One of which happened in 2012. 

In 2012, I entered for the Dell Innovation  Challenge. My project got to the semi finalist stage. It was my first time applying for this kind of competition and I put my best in it. As a semi finalist, I had to create a video and upload on YouTube. This was critical for the next stage of the competition.  To cut the long story short, I made a good video but my project plan had some loop holes and I didn't get to the final stage.

I was sad. Yes! I was. Something strange started happening. A lot people watched that video. I got lots of emails, people asking if it was true that we had poor girls who couldn't afford sanitary pads in Nigeria.

It sounded really hard to believe that  some girls in Nigeria actually use Tissue, Cloth, Mattress Foam, or News paper for their menstruation.I had to explain to some that even I too was shocked when I found out. 

A lot of people started asking how they could be of help. Soon people had the video on their laptops and mobile phones. Some people volunteered, some donated money for sanitary pad and some donated free sanitary pads to support our work.I was overwhelmed I didn't know what powerful tool the media is. The short video on YouTube, the post on Facebook and Twitter clearly showed me what the media is capable of.

 Sitting back and looking at the projects in front of me. The only thing on my mind is: How to create the next video for our YouTube Channel.

Social media has shown me that it can either make or mar you. I have decided to make very good use of it.

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It is good to found your voice online especially on a special platform like World pulse. Well done sister, you are doing well in writing. Certainly u will get there.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

I am glad you had such success with your video. Even though you did not win, you were able to make quite an impact. I often think of what success is for me and how I would best measure it so that I am happy and satisfied with myself. I am glad that you have made the decision to make good use of it. And the subject matter is so important too. Where can we see the video?


Dear Raquel, Thank you for sharing your flash back.. Those kind of flash backs are the ones that make a difference in our lives. How I interpret your story, I believed that your project went beyond farer that a contest final stage.. With your video , you were able to touch people heart and want it to help the girls in Nigeria. What a wonderful prize!!!!!!!!

I'm sure your next video will be touching and wonderful. Please keep us post when you share it and we'll use the technology to share it with the world.

Blessings, MariaAle

Maria Alejandra Alcaraz

thank you for sharing, Raquel, Yes, it is amazing what an impact the internet and social media can make. Think of the difference in all the lives you have touched. We can never imagine it. Even to each young woman that might have received a single sanitary napkin as a result of you and some other person on the other side of the world. We will never know, this may change her life forever. Thank you for using your video challenge to address a social need, not just for frivolity. Continue to change lives! patricia kahn