The most exciting part about Web 2.0 is that it has allowed lots of information to flow from one part of the world to another. People have access to learn about each and every aspect of life. These days lots of people have access to it, but still larger part of the world is still to be included.

Web 2.0 can be an important aspect of empowerment for women in the entire world. Recently, I made a short film about women suffering from uterus prolapse in Mid-Western development region of Nepal called Jajarkot. Women I interviewed and talked to were so shy to share their problem with me just because their problem laid it their uterus. It made me feel sad because they were binded completely by stereotypical concepts where they thought themselves to be inferior member of society and did not consider their problem to be an urgent issue to be addressed in society. I analyzed various social problems leading to prolapse in the uterus such as child marriage, over work burden and lack of education and awareness among women about health care.

I uploaded this video in youtube with the title “The Incurable Pain Amidst the Hills.” Youtube has been a medium for me to spread the situation of women in rural parts of Nepal and seek help for them. In addition, I am trying to contact people from various part of the world who could help me introduce e-learning in that part of Nepal. Since Jajarkot is so rural no person living an easier life would be able to spend long period of time especially teachers and professors who have good opportunities in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. This is one of the reasons for having less educational facilities in Jajarkot. E-learning therefore would be the best way to educate children especially girls who rarely get an opportunity to study. E-learning will not only enable girls to learn qualitatively but will encourage them and allow them to be a part of the larger world instead of being confined with small part of the world. E-learning is the life chance for them to be empowered.

Web 2.0 has given me an opportunity to learn any subject matter I want, connect to people in different corners of the world and share ideas with other people. As I am trying to introduce e-learning in Jajarkot, it is building my confidence and experience in striving to learn about e-learning ways and process of introducing it. I look forward to be able to spread all over in Nepal and in other parts of the world where educational opportunities are still lagging behind. I consider being a member of worldpulse to be a source of my empowerment because it has brought me closer to women’s issues from all over the world as well the solutions women come up with. This encourages me to work hard to help empower women through education.

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Thank you for bringing awareness to the challenges women face in Nepal. Your entry is intelligently written. It reflects on the endless possibilities Web 2.0 provides, through this medium, active agents of change, like you and I, can share useful information, network, interact, and build an informed community. We can also use the avenue to educate and empower women around the world.

I will definitely check out your youtube post.


Hi Rasani,

Thank you so much for your post as well as your work to help spread the possibility of education to those who currently do not have it. You idea of using Web 2.0 to provide education in to people who don't have access to education is inspiring. I look forward to reading more of your journal posts!

Best. Amanda

Hi Friends,

Thank you for appreciating and vision of my work. Education is a way to an independent life. When I was in Jajarkot for my research, I was stunned because women were so ignorant about the modern world. They could not get proper health care and their lifestyle was very difficult. I really wish to make their life a little easier and enlighten the life of those girls who I met carrying loads of logs in their back. I would highly appreciate if you could give me some advice in introducing e-learning in a place which is extremely underdeveloped.

Thank you.

Uterine Prolapse is not that unusual a conditition and it it so sad that it is something women feel constrained to speak I supose that is not unusual of any "woman consitratnt". Why are "women's conditions" considered off topic? Thank you for raising this topic so thoughtfully! Your participation in World Pulse will bring your topic to much more of the audience it needs.

I agree with you that we can start sharing experiences related to uterine prolapse from all around the world. We can then analyze the causes for the health problem. In my research, it was due to early marriage, over work load, and lack of health education and facilities in Jajarkot. There will be thousands of heart touching stories related to this topic. I do not consider uterine prolapse a health problem, I call it a "social problem."

Share the stories related to it and let's start the open platform to discuss about uterine prolapse from now, through this conversation.