I really enjoyed the material of week 3 very much; as it matches with one of my best potential which is networking and marketing. Not necessarily marketing product or machine, but here I mean marketing human capacities and talents. It is a treasure to get in touch with people from different background, having diverse hobbies, and working in various fields. It enriches the person’s experience. But not everybody is clever enough to keep a channel open and to network for the “other”. In Egypt, before the revolution- and let me first speak in general- most of people/women are not that eager to network inside their community- like engaged with community and its different streams to form up big groups working for a certain goals. Most of ladies like to be involved in religious services, in the mosque and church, rather than doing social interaction work. The big reason was: the control of security system- National Security may follow you if you dare enough to engage widely with people in social activities; other reason is people was losing hope of better change to brought into the community. So, they less cared about what they could do, and as a result they were less active to enlarge their network ability or to create social events. But, of course they are some small activists and social workers who organized events- which were mainly either artistic events like photos displays or musical concerts, or intellectual seminars with thinkers and writers. After revolution, there was a leap. Everybody became active, everybody wanted to interlink with other. Tens of hundreds of initiatives and projects presented. But because of the chaotic atmosphere in the political sphere, there is a little mistrust between people. Why so and so arranges this activity? Does he or she have a hidden agenda? Does he or she want me to share so he or she can grab my leg to join a specific political party? People are not sure about many things. How to overcome this, by setting the basics, e.g. stable government, democratic lifestyle, elected president, and clear schedule of NGOs and social activists. Not easy. It needs a surgery not a pain killer. Speaking about myself, I always like networking, simply because of my work as journalist, secondly because of my travels. I have many friends and contacts worldwide, not only in Egypt. But to be honest what I failed to do till the moment is to make use of my contacts so we can share together a useful productive activity. I like the section of “Resource Exchange” and hope this will help me set with others a useful online network and so a fruitful activity to be shared. As for the tools I use, of course social media tools like FB, twitter. I am so engaged with Linkedin. When I was in America, Meetup site helped me a lot get in touch with the American community through attending events. World Pulse came later to introduce a new world of communications to me. In Egypt we have a big cultural center, A Sawy Cultural Wheel in Cairo, which does a real good work, hosting events of all kinds, and setting summer clubs. So, the schedule of Sawy is very resourceful to me and to many. You know what I am afraid of now; is having many resources but missing the skill of using them in a better way. What if getting in touch with wonderful people, but losing the ability to work with for something valuable. I should give it a try… once again!

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Dear Rasha:

It is so good to hear from a woman from Egypt -- and disappointing but not surprising to learn that there are big challenges in stepping out and making the changes that the people of your country believe in and want to see occurring.

It does sound though that you are motivated to speak out and do what you can to be a part of the change that so many people worked so hard to achieve in Egypt. You were leaders in demanding change. I offer my blessings to you all. And to you in particular. I hope you are careful and safe and that you find the right way to speak out so you can be part of creating the new world we all wish for. (Not that we all wish for the same thing necessarily!)

I wish that the political and economic forces allowed the right things to happen. I wish they ensured safety for children, food for all people, education for all. Why doesn't power seek that? The power of women does, though!

Best wishes,


Speaking my Peace

There is always a chance, dear Anna. We never despair. Emotional my heart break into pieces to see my country in a cross road after a great revolution. But faith in God, and faith in my people says that we will rock again.

It may take years, but with no doubt it is going to be more "deserving" without the past corrupt regime.

We cannot be enslaved for ever :)

Pray for the little ones!

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience by which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say you yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.'" Rasha Mohammad Managing Ed

I actually loved the way you ended your article - with the fear that you might not use all the resources that are available to you to accomplish your dreams for yourself and your country. I was very glad to see something from a woman who has experienced so much in her country this recently. It is exciting and frightening times for you. WRITE ON!!!!


Confusing and stressing time, too, dear Ruth. Political chaos in one side, country in a mess in another side, and in between dreams and hopes on a revolutionary road.

Sometimes I feel like giving up. What about packing and leaving the country, but I never can. I love Egypt. Something here is magical, makes me so attached to the Egyptian soil. Nile water maybe. You know about the myth that whoever drinks from Nile water must come back to the country again and again and again, whatsoever it takes from him or her abroad.

Oh my gush! I drink this water since childhood hehehe.. i am just kidding :D

Stay safe, dear


"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience by which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say you yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.'" Rasha Mohammad Managing Ed

I hope to drink the water of the Nile, then. There is something of Egypt in every human being, I think. It is the birthplace of everything and I believe we all came from there or spent time there or however it works in our faith systems..... whether we are born again and again or whether we all came from one couple...... Egypt is in my memory, though I have never been there.

Of course you could never leave. And staying there and working and making it the home of your dreams is a worthwhile life calling!

Keep writing!


Hi Rasha,

Thanks so much for writing. I really enjoyed reading your piece--so descriptive and personal. The world is watching Egypt now to see how it will rebuild itself after such an exciting revolution. It is such and important time for leaders such as yourself to make a real difference for your people, your country. You are around 100 words over the world limit though, so please watch your word count and try to be more concise.

Best, Mila