Writing has always been a powerful tool for an introvert like me. Its takes a lot for me to speak up my convictions. I never say that thing I really want to say. But words make it really easier for me. Through words, I can express my perceptions, feelings and beliefs. I can give to the world a piece of what I believe in and what I am doing as a woman of today. The Web 2.0 is just the right platform for me to do that, to be a better person, a better woman and do what I do best. It is a place where all women come together and celebrate the joys and struggles of womanhood. It is a good feeling to see women from all over the globe trying harder to come up and bring a change in their own ways. I see numerous stories of struggle, success or inspiration. I read about events on human rights, climate change or microfinance. I read about women form different parts working on an initiative and stories how ingenious women gather together for peace. There are numerous stories, events and news to read through. It provides me with a lot of food for thought. The creative ideas that run through others gives me the strength to bring out something on my own. It helps me look out for negative aspects that happen around me and do something to make it better. It inspires me to do and achieve something and grow along with it. Web 2.0 is friend in need. Whenever a person starts a new journey, it’s always essential to get the right motivation and support from other people like her. It empowers them to what worldpulse calls “a world full of possibilities” .Web 2.0 knows just the right way to empower women. When you share a story, there are people to comment on your post, to give you a pat on the back and to give you more hope and assurance that success is on the other side. This gives you the required push to do your best. It gives you the confidence and the assertion to make the right use of your essence as a woman. It gives us the courage to fight our history and give the present a new outlook. And in all these aspects, Web 2.0 will certainly prove to empower and inspire. I am glad to express all my feelings through the little stanza that follows. “A search, a need, a thirst, an inspiration To share more, learn more, grow more And use all that I have To be someone more than I already am….. A better person, a mature woman A dreamer, a doer, an achiever.

A place to communicate, connect and share All that you know and desire to know… To Move forward to a world where your gender is no more a question This is where Web 2.0 takes me To a world of equality, possibilities, peace and development”

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I really enjoyed reading your piece and hope you continue to gain confidence to speak out on the issues that you care about. Thank you for writing such a thoughtful piece.

Yours, Julie


Your thirst for knowledge and a better vision of other cultures is one that is remarkable, as shown through your words. I am so happy that you recognize that to grow as a women you have to learn not only from yourself but from other people and their experiences. You have to tune yourself to your surroundings, and it is wonderful that your surroundings are a part of numerous cultures, people, and love.

Best, Carri Pence