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The latest post on Gender Bytes is in reflection of the recent murder of a new born baby girl by her mother in a hospital in Mumbai. She had twins -- a boy and a girl, and she kept the boy but threw the girl out of the window.

Most of the female infanticides in India are committed by women -- the mother, grandmothers, midwives.

Are they criminals? Or victims of a system that teaches them to hate girls. It's dicussed here in this blog. Do share your feedback. http://genderbytes.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/when-mothers-kill-their-daug...


sadly if that idea is put them -- what they say is "the life of a woman is miserable. It is better to be dead." So their argument usually is "yes someone should have killed me soon after i was born so i am spared the misery of the life of a woman." At some level there is a deep form of self-hatred here which needs to be dealt with. But what they need to also know is a very fundamental idea of rights. Because you give birth to a person, it does not give you the right (legally, under the constitution to kill that person). So reproduction is a legal right, but murder is not.

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Thank you for sharing this. After reading the article on genderbytes I signed the petition to end female genocide in India. I will share this with others and try to help bring awareness to my friends and family about this horrible issue.

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thank you very much for your support for this campaign. And thank you most of all for calling it a "genocide!" That has been the hardest task for our campaign. If there was any other group race, religion etc. getting targeted and annihilated at this rate the world would not stand up for it. But with women -- people don't even want to recognize it as a genocide! It is like women not even a human group! And this is the argument we are pushing. It is slowly getting acceptance. WikiGender for example has a page on it. Here's our post on why we need to recognize this as a genocide. http://genderbytes.wordpress.com/2010/07/31/the-obscenity-of-being-female/

Rita Banerji www.ritabanerji.com