Some of the challenges and barriers in creating change in my community include the presence of culture. Most of the women are tied down by their various traditions and cultures which at times may not give them the opportunity to speak for themselves. The fact that women in my community are limited by these traditions and cultures imposed on them, they have a negative attitude towards change. That is, most at times, they fear to go against such traditions and cultures maybe due to some of the consequences that they believe may come upon them. Convincing these women to bring about change is like telling them to rebel against certain rules, which makes it challenging. Another barrier in creating change in my community is the presence of multi languages. It usually becomes difficult to communicate with some of these women in the language they best understand or even to get someone who could pass across the message to them correctly. Some of these women who are in the grassroots and speak a particular language make it difficult to reach out to them. The absence of modern technology or the access to it limits the number of women one could reach out to at a particular time. This is because, only a limited number of women can be reached out to at once, thereby causing a challenge. Since a majority of these grassroots women do not have access to devices like phones and internet, the audience and communication becomes difficult and limited. The women in my community are also restricted by the number of women’s rights which are present in their favour. Another challenge in creating this change in my community is the absence of funding and finding other committed women to work with in order to fulfil the vision. Some of my present solutions to overcoming these challenges and barriers are working with other non profit organisations who work directly with these grassroots women. This makes it easier to reach out to them and it gives me the opportunity to share experiences and lessons. Also, talking to close neighbours, friends and relatives is easier to creating change in the community since there is greater access and better understanding through dialogue. Pulse Wire and other online communities is a great possibility in overcoming these challenges as well. This is because there is the possibility of asking for help and getting other members offer their services to a project. It is also possible through Pulse Wire and these online communities to post your idea and get attention and contribution from others who understand and share the same passion or dream with you. The fact that one can inform other community members of global events or empowerment training in the community is going to go a long way in overcoming some of these challenges in creating change in my community.

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Warm greetings dear Rita,

Your commitment to connection, community and mobilizing change are inspiring!

Peace, Ayesha

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."

  • Mevlana Jalal-ad-Din Rumi

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Rita on how you plan to change your community. All very good ideas, I am curious which community do you speak of?

Azaria Ulmer, CHC, CPCC Wellness & Empowerment Coach

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