Today, I leave the Motherland But the gifts I carry in my bags Do not compare to the precious treasures I hold dear in my heart Oh, Mother Africa You have shown me truths I have not known from reading books I should have questioned the lies they told me You knew your child was oceans away Yet, I could still hear you whispering my name Admist the din of distractions that kept me distant You beckoned me to hold a space open to discovery You cleared a path for me to bear witness to myself You sent my systahs to embrace me, dance with me Tell me stories that stitched our lives into a glorious pattern You fed me plantains, porridge and peace of mind I suckled inspiration from your breast Listened to your heartbeat Found home

(c) 2011 S. Renee Mitchell


Dearest Renee,

Your poetry brings me on this journey with you, connecting with courageous, beautiful, bold African women leaders and your long-awaited connection to your roots. Global systahs! I long to reach this continent myself one day and physically connect with African systahs who are changing the shape of the world, and the patriarchal systems that must come down. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Love, Jade

Hi Renne, I really feel so great that I met you in person. As I read your post I connect so well and thank Almighty for making this trip a reality which made us feel the warmth of the Pulsewire.. For sure it was such a electrifying meeting where we shared our experiences and our Action. I trust through our sharing we will be able to touch our sistas ( women/girls) who are less fortunate..

I stand to be counted!

Love Consolata


Renne, I love the spirit and pride within you. The way you have adored Africa makes me proud! There is alot of goodies in the land untapped and misinterpreted.


I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.