Dear UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet, The plight and struggle of the women, girls and even young boys from being sexually abused, all over this planet is horrendous. The inequality of gender is shameful. Through education we can do our best to raise our children respect themselves and others, however I see that education is not enough. This training needs to begin at home and continually instilled in our homes. However many children through out are not fortunate enough to be raised in good safe homes. Many end up on the streets; exposed to sexual abuse. However sexual abuse occurs everywhere in rich and poor areas of our planet, on the streets and behind closed doors. These violent crimes need to stop and I believe the UN can be leaders in preventing sexual violence around the World. These perpetrators need to be captured and put on trial and held accountable until they make amends for their crime. A huge world-wide task force needs to be created to do so. I feel the UN can create such a force, one with a strict policy which would need to be enforced around the world; so that any man taking advantage and harming anyone for the sake of their own sexual pleasure will be dealt with in a manor that will cause other predators to think twice before they consider sexually taking advantage of anyone again. This policy must be severe enough to discourage other men from even considering such an act. I would love to see each victim pull together their own support group along with trained UN officials to deal with these terrible crimes. Both groups (the victims and the UN officials) would then be responsible to hold the predators accountable through a trial and come up with a way for them to make amends to the family either through monetary means or through a beneficial service to the community or better yet make the perpetrator do both. Throwing them in jail is not enough they need to be treated like we expect a terrorist to be treated. Sexual violence is a type of terrorism. The perpetrator must be held accountable. They must pay back what they have taken and the fines should be greater for taking a young child’s virginity. Some of the money should go towards creating a micro loan program to help get sex workers off the streets and to create effective education programs that instill confidence and skills for survival and a way to make an income that is a good if not better than what could be made on the streets. Sexual crimes need to be dealt with severely and we must come together to raise a new generation of children to understand the great importance of respect for one another. Schools could help, but it's not enough. It must begin at home and we must have trust in our governments to protect and support individuals against sexual terrorism and to create better ways to detour it from occurring. My heart goes out to all who suffer, Robin Farrin Trenton, Maine, USA

As the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women officially begins its work this month, World Pulse is asking women worldwide: What is YOUR vision and recommendation for UN Women? We invite you to raise your voice by writing a letter to UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet outlining your recommendation for how this new UN agency can truly affect change on the ground to promote gender equality and uphold the rights and needs of women both on a local and global scale. Learn more:

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Dear Robin,

Really thanks for sharing your wonderful idea to us! I am so excited to read your article. It's well done with the powerful letter.

Love, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Thank you. Your letter inspired me to write all this. I wish I had access to millions of dollars. If I did I would create a world wide task force that would be so powerful that no man in his right mind would ever dare to rape or violate any woman or child again.

Wishing you and all the women and children of you country guidance and protection from all harm. My love to you all, Robin

Dear Robin,

Thank you for participating in this campaign, by using your voice and speaking out for women worldwide who have been sexually abused, and calling for an end to sexual terrorism as a priority for the new UN Women agency. Your mandate is clear, your voice is strong!

In two weeks, we will compile your letters and share your voices with the GEAR Campaign, who have been working closely with UN Women to ensure the inclusion of civil society groups, and through the PulseWire community, grassroots women leaders, as they set their agenda. We will also be sending your letters directly to Michele Bachelet and other senior leaders of the newly formed UN agency, to demonstrate the effectiveness for sourcing opinion, knowledge and needs from the global grassroots women's movement through our online community. Through this, we hope to open a portal for our community to have a direct line of influence within the UN Women agency.

I will keep you updated on the progress of our campaign!

In friendship and solidarity, Jade