Women and mothers are the bedrock of the family. A living setup without a woman/mother is not a home, but a house full of furniture. Women should be involved to mother, mold, nuture and make the world a better place. No woman should be taken for granted, or left to waste. We have great potentials that should be positively utilised through empowerment. So, let us all endeavour to make a difference in each other's life, encouraging one another, thus empowering the world.

Rose Candy

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Women are best empowered by women who care and have concern for the welfare of other women.

I have a desire to run women empowerment program. I don't mind getting involve with you. Am not a genius but can do well whatever I tell myself I can do. We could put ideas together. Contact me if u need a partner.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

I am ready to work with you, Vivian. Where are you? Thanks for responding to my journal, and stay blessed.

Rose Candy @ GrandmaRose Foundation

Mothering, Molding and Nurturing children

I work with an NGO located in Festac, Lagos (321 rd, G close). I intend to establish mine very soon. Planning is in process.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''