Blogging makes many things possible that were never possible before, one of them being, anyone having the ability to say what they want, to the whole world. In other words, Free Speech. A wide open information highway, not limited like main stream media, and with a cross reference that is unbelievable.

To use this cross reference, one needs a good understanding of keywords, or tags, and how they work in the browser. In other words, how to navigate the internet. Access to the correct spot, is in the browser. The tags group it with the appropriate groups with the same tags. Insert the tags you identify it with, and wham! You get what ever subjects contain that tag. These are some of the barrier's I have run into doing blogs. Just plain and simple computer learning.

One of the greatest things about blogging is finding friends, sharing knowledge, and experiences, and it's even at real time. It connects, or can create a network, which empower's people to express their needs, or support someone else's need. Alot of blogs are someone's take on a certain subject. If this is your blog, be bold and learn to speak up, and let your voice be noticed and heard...Be an individual, YOU. You will learn how to define you. But be very careful to maintain your anonymity. Especially if you blog on controversial subjects. :)

Any barrier's I have, or discover I have, I would learn what to do to overcome them through research. I would use my browser, and tag words to find the information I need. Print that, then follow the instruction's. Such as html, which is simply a set of codes imbedded in the text, telling the program how to display it. I think learning is fun, so, with anything along these lines, I would use research and follow the directions to overcome them. :)


research, research, research. sounds just like me! my biggest barriers in blogging are also technical things. if i leanred more about tagging and whatnot i could probably attract more people to read my blog, they could find it easier, etc... it's interesting how everyone's barriers are different. lack of knowledge can also translate to lack of confidence, and therefore less said that needs saying!

Don't let your worries get the best of you. Remember, even Moses started out as a basket case.

Dear Molliv,

Yes! Research, research, research! I agree, lack of knowledge can manifest as lack of confidence which holds people back from their possibilities. However I have read lots of blogs, most people don't care. They just jump in with both feet and blog. Not caring about spelling or form or anything. They say what they feel. I think that is great. Learning to express oneself in a way that has the most impact is where it is at. This is often learned through experience. So, all bloggers unite, jump in with both feet and let her rip! LOL. It all comes out in the wash. LOL.

Blessings and Love, Rose Of Sharon

Indeed, blogging allows us to let lose and be ourselves and unburden our hearts. It is a world of it own. I love what u said about researching more when u are faced with barriers, it depites your resilent nature.

Well done!



Dear Fatima,

I agree, blogging lets us express ourselves. What we now must be careful about, is who's feet we step on when we do it. I can not say how long we can get away with it. I am sure there will come a time when someone will die from a blog and that's the shame and fear we must face.

Indeed, researching is so necessary. In my view to blog, one must KNOW what they are talking about. Blogging can be disinformation and that's not good. Know what you are writing about is soooo important. Your readers are most often informed, and will research what you say or claim. So be sure to research the subject you are blogging on.

Thank you for your comment.

Blessings and Love, Rose Of Sharon