About Me: My name is Rosebill (my mum's middle name is Rose and my dad's Bill and thats how i got name :-)) and i am from Lilongwe, Malawi - you can`t really see us on the map but we're there...

I am 26 years old. I've worked as a Secretary, HIV/AIDS co-ordinator, Sales Consultant, Travel Consultant and at the moment I am a Reservations Officer at an Air Charter company but my passion is community development and that is what I am studying for at the moment and doing a fellowship for in Cebu, Philippines at the moment.

I am Chairperson and Founder of Self Advancement for Youth in Malawi (SAYOM) which promotes tetiary education for youth and I am a trustee for The Women's Club which provides networking opportunities and marketing access to female entrepreneurs and involved in other networks promoting human rights, equality and empowerment. I am also involved in other human rights and development networks on various capacities.

I love to read, watching soccer - well the English premier league - GO Arsenal! and just generally having a good time and getting myself involved in exciting new ventures!

My Passions: Youth Development, Education access, Karaoke (LOL)

My Challenges: Being the adult female in a Malawian household holds a lot of responsibility which you take on an early age and sometimes it seems I never know when to give up when im fighting for something

My Vision for the Future: Less suffering in the world due to people being greedy and selfish. Equality for all.

My Areas of Expertise: Marketing, communication, event planning


Hi Rosebill, I love the combination of your name, thanks for the explanatory note that follows LOL your beautiful name. Yes Malawi is there, how is Malawi today?

This is our online community, please feel free to post to your journal by reporting from local to global issues affecting our world, here we report global issues through the eyes of women, join is it is fun and developmental. Give a voice to your community, it is your voice, report here through your journal and the voices of these ones woul dbe heard loud and clear.

Teh Sept 14th is the deadline of our annual Voices of our Future program, this is an opportunity to be teh voice of Malawians, please apply. Welcome once again my dear friend.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hi Olutosin Thanks for the quick and warm welcome! Malawi is still the "warm heart of Africa" and will definitely apply for the voices of the future programme. Looking forward to making lots of new friends - I already have a new friend in you now :) Greetings Rosebill

Rosebill Satha Chairperson Self Advancement for Youth in Malawi (SAYOM) P O Box 30621, LILONGWE, Malawi

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