one world, one goal
  • one world, one goal

Web 2.0 gives me the chance to make new friends by virtual travel from all corners of the world. It also presents opportunities that I would have never ever known would exist as every day more people are using web 2.0 to communicate therefore many more opportunities arise. Making connections has never been simpler, people seem to make more friends on the internet than in person (which may also be worrying) but for those who live thousands of miles apart this is perfect.

In many countries women still face restrictions on things to do, to wear, to say out loud, but with web 2.0 you have a chance to create a movement. You can add your voice or signature to a pledge or plea and help make changes in the world from your couch. Women who have to live at home to take care of their families can find a sense of purpose by using web 2.0. And as all you need is a computer and internet connection which is everyday becoming more accessible to people the chances of women coming together to work on issues that we all face no matter which country you live in is within our grasps.

I am already telling my personal stories via web 2.0 and I have had people responding to say my stories are inspiring and motivating and the fact that someone for the United States or Pakistan is noticing my efforts to help make changes in this world give me the strength and motivation and inspiration to proceed in this.

One world, one goal, one web.

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Dear Rosebill,

Nice to see this post and its unifying title. I agree with your feelings - many women here in India are constrained and compelled to sacrifice their personal interests by their families, society et al. Yet some of them are freeing themselves in various ways.

It'll be wonderful if you visit India sometime! Continue the great work, sister...

Love, Pushpa

Dear Pushpa Thank you for the kind words -:) As India has one of the 7 wonders i really hope to come and visit one day Cheers Rosebill

Rosebill Satha Chairperson Self Advancement for Youth in Malawi (SAYOM) P O Box 30621, LILONGWE, Malawi

Dear Rosebill,

What a lovely thought - one world, one goal (thanks to one web)!. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and dreams. Let's keep telling our stories!

Best of luck. Aloha, Beverly

Dear Beverly Rose Lovely to hear from you - hope to hear from you more! Cheers R

Rosebill Satha Chairperson Self Advancement for Youth in Malawi (SAYOM) P O Box 30621, LILONGWE, Malawi

Dear Rosebill,

Yesterday I only briefly responded after I read everyone's assignments. Today I wanted to give some additional feedback after re-reading them. What I really liked about your essay (besides the title) is the hope and inspiration I felt from it. As women find the courage to find their voices - and share their truth - we truly make a difference.

Thank you for sharing yours. Best of luck.

Aloha, Beverly

ps: I love the photo! The beach looks lovely. Living in Hawaii, I love the beauty of the ocean.

Hi Rosebill,

Thanks for sharing your article. From reading your piece, I can tell you have amazing leadership skills. You seem to be a person who is dedicated in motivating and mobilizing women. Keep writing because you empower women from all over the world through your encouraging words.

I really like how you started with all the benefits of web 2.0, leading on to why it's important (for example, in some countries women don't really get to leave the house).

I would have loved to hear a personal story in this piece since you seem to have many stories to tell.

Looking forward to reading more stories from you. Best of luck.

Cheers, Jenn

Dear Sunita Thanks for the best wishes, i will definitely need them with the team of amazing women out there :)

Dear Beverley Rose The picture is of me and my 16 co-fellows here in the Philippines, im glad you like it and I will keep on with the stories!

Dear Jenn Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, I guess I should have added a personal story to this, but I have done so with my week 2 assignment and I hope you will read it -:)

Thank you all so much Regards Rosebill

Rosebill Satha Chairperson Self Advancement for Youth in Malawi (SAYOM) P O Box 30621, LILONGWE, Malawi

One world, one goal, one web.

That's fantastic! I'd love to hear more about the specifics of how you plan on using the internet to create change in the world. In today's interconnected world, social media gives us so much opportunity, we must master it to create actual change in our communities. What will you change?

Thanks, I'm looking forward to reading more, Jessi

Dear Jessi im trying to offer the youth in my country with opportunities that are found on the web. My life has changed so much due to opportunities I myself have encountered. The only problem of course is internet access, but also not knowing where to search or how to search - and at the moment i serve as a 'wikepedia' for quite a number of them... mine is the first step and its up to them to take the second. To help make a change there should be someone who helps present the opportunity and someone to take it and act on it...

Rosebill Satha Chairperson Self Advancement for Youth in Malawi (SAYOM) P O Box 30621, LILONGWE, Malawi