I followed most of the elections of the USA with a lot of concern and felt like I was one of the voters but realized later this was rather imaginary. What really happened ? Where did we go wrong?. These are questions those whose feelings and choices were misplaced felt.

It hurts so bad whenever we are denied what was rightfully our choice. The big problem is when no apologies are made to those hurt it worsens the thought of it. The discouragement, the cries, the denial of rights and many more are reflections of what happens in many parts of the world. The difference usually is who does it, where and how? They all have different styles.

Fear has kept many people silent due to repressive systems where some people have no say even when they are hurt. Many would rather keep silent than face the wrath of their oppressors. All governments in the world should be more transparent to their citizens instead of being authoritative governments that do not care about how it hurts its people. They should practice self-censorship.

How then do we move on from where we got hurt? This is something very important for us to think about. What if this happens again? How shall we react? Do we expect to have leaders who will hurt us again? The solution lies with us. All we need to do now is to prove to the world that we are not failures rather we hold hands together with love understanding and solidarity and say to ourselves that we will keep on demanding for change whenever we feel something is wrong. As Tanzania we are a part of you.

Let us be strong for one another for America for then shall we gain the strength to take part in our future progress. God help and bless America.

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Topic Human Rights

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Dear Rosemary - 

Thank you for your solidarity message to the people of the United States. As you know most of the people of our country did not want this and did not vote for this.  It has been devastating for many people especially those who work for equality and sustainability.   For so many women who have experienced abuse, this election was like feeling the aftereffects of abuse all over again.  

But we are strong knowing that we can link with people who care all over the world like yourself and create a bigger wave of peace and strength that will turn the tide.  These forces of domination are happening all over the world - no one is immune. Not in the US not anywhere, the people most step forward as leaders now.  

In gratitude to you,

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

Dear Jensine,

Am very grateful. We are strong together and yes, to create a bigger wave of peace and strength that will turn the tide. Thanks for these most encouraging words.

With very warm regards,