I'm traveling to the beautiful southern region of my country, and as I watch the smooth hills lined up against the sunset -so typical of Chile- I have a wonderful opportunity to think of all that has inspired me to become the woman I am today.

I come from an exiled family, a family that chose to leave their country in times of dictatorship due to their political views. My story begins long before my birth: it begins with my parents' story and their parents' story. It begins with my indigenous bloodline fighting off the Spaniards and the long list of “mestizos” born of unwanted unions. It continues with the tedious plight of women in my country, their recent suffrage in 1949, and their continuous struggle against domestic violence.

But my story is most importantly cemented with my parents' personal struggles, their poverty stricken childhood, their lack of higher education, and their flee from the only life they ever knew. I was born in Canada to parents that came to this world knowing what the words “perseverance” and “survival” mean. And though I have had the blessing to travel to many different places, my life is forever marked by who my parents are.

As I travel to the heart of my country after 3 years abroad, I remember why I left in the first place: to learn more about the world and come back to strengthen our people. I left a girl and return a woman. And because I come from a family where struggle is internalized and melancholy is standard, my passion has turned to those who understand these concepts most intimately: woman.

I met Jensine Larsen at Omega institute in the year 2010 thanks to a scholarship I was blessed to receive. The Women and Power Conference not only assured me of something I had been scared to admit for so long -the fact that us women actually possess a power that has been largely untapped- but also showed me first hand what the passion of one woman can do for the rest of us. Thanks to the conference I not only began to express my thoughts more openly, but currently am working on a project in my country that directly addresses women's empowerment. I want the women in my country to own their power and express it fully. I want the women of the world to believe in themselves. I want us to use our voices to change the world, in every encounter, in every conversation. My dream is not only to raise my own voice, but to inspire others to raise theirs. Voices of Our Future allows me to dream my dream to the fullest and inspires me to continue my journey with confidence in myself and passion. Knowing there is a platform where I can express myself and access dreams across the world is enough for me to continue walking toward my dream!

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I hope you raise your voices so high, it creates a million echoes and helps democratize the society to a point where no woman ever has to leave her country because of difference in political faith. Best of luck!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

This is what I hope for, and what your words encourage me to do, my friend. Best of luck to you, too! I'll continue to support you, also!

Much love and Peace


When I look at the work that single voices began and these voices grew into movements I do not doubt the power of my own voice. The very best example we have is Jensine's. Look at how her voice has created a global network of voices speaking with the force of women who have desires, goal and ambitions for the transformation of their societies. Remember the voice of Martin Luther King and how it began the black empowerment struggle in America. Look at how the voice of William Wilberforce began the struggle to end slave trade. Our voices can have the same impact and I do not doubt that yours will bring change to Chile. All the best sister.



I also want to encourage and support you in your journey, MaDube! All of your support is such a strong force. The comments I've received push me to encourage all my sisters. This is how Women's Empowerment works! Thank you for teaching me!



I agree with you World Pulse is a platform that helps each one of us to reach out. Hope, it helps you realise your dreams, all the very best in your journey and do know we walk besides you.

Vaishalli Chandra

“I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

How many of us have been scared of our own power? Of being responsible for making change in the world?

How fortunate that that need no longer be scary or lonely!! Thank you for the work that you do, encouraging and inspiring women and their individual voices!

Que tenga luz y risas hoy!!


"I am the flicker, flame, butterfly ablaze who wants to fly in search of mythical rainbows beyond the rain." ~ Ana Castillo

We must always own our power and become all we are destined to be, Marissa. I give thanks for having inspiring sisters joining me in this crusade. Thank YOU, for being a part of this!


Rukamanqui, I admire you... so many people never return home to empower their people and you are doing just that. I like how the women in your country empower you to empower them and yourself. It's like you are leading one another. I'm glad that you realized that your voice does matter and that it needs to be heard.


Tait, it is a pretty amazing thing what my country does for us, and I'm fortunate I was chosen to study abroad under a wonderful scholarship program. I feel so fortunate for the opportunities I've had, and I believe it's my responsibility to teach and empower woman that have not had the same chances I've had. I'm just beginning, so I most certainly will continue to ask for your support and ideas in how I can continue to grow and aid others in their growth! Thank you so much, and please count on me to support you also!

With love and light,


Natalie, Your story is amazing and touching and inspiring. As Tait said, so many of us have left our country but few of us return. So kudos to you, compañera! May Chile and Latin America be strengthened by your work and the passion in your heart.



Violeta, your words are so encouraging. There is temptation in staying in another country, where things may seem so much easier and opportunities overflow. Stella Paul's post speaks about this so clearly http://www.worldpulse.com/node/44823. I'm so excited to continue sharing the progress of my dreams on this platform. Thank you for your encouragement!!


Hello Rukamanqui,

Interesting read. I admire how you embark into discovering new horizons for empowerment, and then how you returned to your community and indulge into a project to empower women.

I look forward to hear more about your project, and share with us more from your experience. Wish you successful and great results!

Voice of Our Future Volunteer, Lina