My global vision is create a world where children to grow up healthy, happy and loved. Time and again, I have observed in myself and in others how much our childhood affects who we are, what we do and how we behave as adults. Healthy, happy and loved children tend to become healthy, happy and loving adults. And yet there are so many factors that affect childhood that what to do about the many problems children face can be downright overwhelming!

After much time of spinning my wheels, I finally concluded that the best option is to start exactly where we’re at, simply doing what we can with what we have.

For me, this has meant making loving and caring for my immediate and extended family a priority as well as starting a volunteer-run arts and education organization, Aver School, to teach digital media skills to at-risk children and youth who are for the most part facing life on their own.

The ability to communicate my vision clearly, efficiently and persuasively is essential. Being a VOF Correspondent would help build these skills and most importantly help me to connect with women all over the world who share the vision and desire more than anything that children have a bright future.

Ignorance is often a breeding round for abuse. Education and access to information enlightens and empowers. I have a practical solution for empowering children and the commitment to seeing it reach its highest potential. It matters not that the challenges and obstacles are many. I will see this through.

My personal vision is to be a leader in my family, my community and the world. Change has to start from the inside out. Too many women and children are suffering needlessly in the world so I’m stepping up my game. It is time to turn up the volume on my voice and my efforts, to transform the energy of fear into life-affirming change. It’s time to join forces with my sisters, World Pulse women who are taking a stand, reaching deep into the wells of courage the lie within.

It’s time that our voices be heard. Acknowledged. Acted on.

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Wow! That was a close one! My computer clock shows 11:58pm Oct. 3rd. Can't believe it—3 minutes late. Ouch. Well, one can always hope. I do hope my entry is accepted... and it would be such a dream come true to make the cut and become a VOF Correspondent. Whether or not that happens, participating in the application process has been so wonderful and motivating. It's helped solidify my desire to write and helped crystalize my personal vision. This has just been so great. I'm thankful for the opportunity and for the connections made in the process.

What a gift to have a forum where our voices heard and our experiences acknowledged!

They say better late than never. I think the fact that you strived to finish the assignment and continued to post it even after the deadline shows your determination. You did not give up so kudos to you. Great post too.

Dear Ruth Sharing your hope and keeping my fingers crossed for you. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing these stores and your vision!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Hi Caitlin,

Yes, starting from where we're at is what it's all about. I read your profile and think it is so cool you're studying anthropology. I'm sure you have very interesting insights and things to say, have you thought about writing some articles?

Truthfully, I haven't thought of anything I'd like to write about yet! I'm in the midst of my final year at university and it seems to be sapping away all the intellectual power I have! I'm really encouraged by your work though!

You are so right, ignorance plays a major role in what we accept in our lives, many times even abuse. Ignorance of our worth and of our rights.

I like the way you write, almost poetic.

Best regards,

Lombe Mwambwa "I think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist." Gloria Steinem

Lombe - I'm so glad that you mentioned ignorance of our worth and rights specifically. The two go hand in hand. If we know our rights, but don't know our worth then it is much easier to not claim our rights! Thanks for your comment about my writing. Made my day!