Peace education is the attempt to promote the development of an authentic planetary consciousness that will enable us to function as global citizens and to transform the present human condition by changing the social structures and patterns of thought that have created it. The transformational imperative must be at the center, both in knowledge and values. Peace education seeks to draw out from people their own best instincts to live more peacefully with others, it implies working from within, starting the transformation of society beginning with each individual.

Peace education seeks to build on the philosophy and the processes of nonviolence to help us understand the role that conflict and violence have played in our own lives, seeking ways to transform them, it points out both the value of and the risk of conflict and social change.

Peace education appreciates the richness of the concept of peace, addresses fears, provides a futures orientation (imagination), teaches peace as both a process and philosophy, promotes peace as a concept alongside justice, promotes the care of and love of the Earth and respect for all life, and teaches nonviolence as a way to settle differences.

Peace education is practiced throughout the world in many settings: - All have in common the idea of transforming conflict into something positive and sustainable so that our world will continue to turn. - Peace education seeks to make and build peace through pedagogy. - Peace education rests on the assumptions that morals and ethics cannot be separate from the classroom. - The concept of responsibility, both individual and shared, is embedded in the philosophy.

Thus our modern concept of peace education rests on those values and attitudes often associated with women, peace as a concept, and thus peace education, cannot be separated conceptually from networking, connecting people in mutually productive, constantly interacting processes of teaching and learning.

A culture of peace will be achieved when citizens of the world understand global problems; have the skills to resolve conflicts constructively, know and live by international standards of human rights, gender and racial equality, appreciate cultural diversity and respect the integrity of the Earth. Such learning cannot be achieved without intentional, sustained and systematic education for peace.


Peace education should be utilized not only in schools, but churches, governments, and other fundamental institutions. I appreciate you much needed and interesting voice that you bring to the PulseWire community. Though you are a new member I feel like I truly know your ideals, morals, and goals where your voice, through its boldness, touches me on a profound level.

Dearest Maryan,

Thank you for sharing the fundamentals of peace education. I think that many people can get behind the idea of peace, but lack the fundamentals of how to implement it. And the idea of peace can be daunting for those who view conflict resolution as out of their reach - something that is up to governments to solve with policies or war.

Peace should be taught exactly as you have described - as a philosophy that begins within individuals. If each person on this earth can learn to adapt the principles of peace into every action they take, every day - our collective adaption of peace will lead to eventual true peace on earth - a day we can all walk towards, hand in hand, building momentum as we learn about peace, practice peace and teach peace to those around us.

Our community has so much to learn from you, and I am so grateful to learn peace practices from you. I look forward to learning more about incorporating the philosophy of peace into my own life and sharing those practices with those around me. I've always been an advocate for peace, but lately have come to learn that I have much to learn about what that means and how to work together towards this goal.

How did you become interested and involved in peace education Maryan? What lead you on this journey and what drives you to educate others?

In friendship, Jade

Dear Jade thanks alot for your great comment and encouragement.

I was 5 when civil war broke out in my lovely country, i was still there most of the time and saw/witnesed so many violence or heard of it, Allhamdulilah we we safe and sound, lately travelled with my family to another town somehow far from there, for the first few years there were still instabilities in the new village but lately many thanks to Allah we (as the people in these regions) decided to have regional government so-called Puntland State of Somalia which is now one of the most peaceful places in the country. we have got the president, vice-president, MPs and so on and so forth, now we live happily and under admisntrational rule since 1998, After graduating from high school in 2004 i was one of the top 5 students and i got a scholarship, went to kenya to study and once finished i decided to go back and try to change the place in to a better place.

You can imagine how kids always record things easily when they are young and what i have seen at my early age always makes me want to change the country in to a better place, whenever i heard there were some instabilities in the southern part of the country i always feel sad for those kids who still suffer there and i will try my best to help them in whatever way possible. As for my work i am a research assistant in a research institution in the department of social reconciliation and strengthening the role of women in peacebuilding. i beleive i can change the world in to a better place to live. i always try to volunteer my free time to help others.

Regards Maryan

Good education I saw this at Visthar too, it is educating selected participants who are from the war zones about peace and this is a good idea to refresh and learn more. the program is sponsored by some Asian organizations in India. Everything is free and if you are interested I can recommend you for the program, it is three and a half month course. I see we are all interested in peace, peaceful environment is where women and children can thrive and excel. Thanks dear sister for embracing peace and posting peace posts.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Thanks alot dia Olutosin, I would love to and really appreciate if you can recommend me since i was looking for such programs, i always try my best to help and see what i can do for those women who lost their opportunities to live happily, facing violence most of the time as well as those kids who always suffer whether its been a child soldier, or lack of education or the trauma and stress caused by the fights between the opposing sides. I hope and beleive that this isnot the end of the world and a bright live is ahead them. Thanks once again

Regards Maryan

The programme will come up in February to May next year.......The organization is it works on peace and development in war torn zones. I will forward a letter to the founders and they have promised to always support me whenever I make any request. I promise to recommend you and will do that now. Please keep on writing......

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

I have been teaching peace for many years, starting with the first time I babysat a younger child. Peace is not something outside of ourselves, but I do agree that we must be as intentional as you point out. It must be, however, more than philosophical renderings, but actual ongoing principles of living. That said, however, I use broadcasting as a way to train young people about nonviolence, not just outside the person, but inside the person, too. Peace--so many words can equate with peace (i.e, a smile, laughter, children, family, hope, caring) and also words that are peace and without them peace cannot happen (i.e., justice, ethics, integrity, truth, freedom). Peace education is not just classroom settings, but life's settings and I believe that we can create a world's classroom that will allow us to teach peace because we are all--at the same time--learning peace.

Perri McCary, Writer and Storyweaver Host and Founder of The Peace Hour and the Sister II Sister blog and

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