My Voice is Bold yet Passionate, Flexible yet Responsive and Affectionate.

I want to be a correspondent because i would love to be the voice of the many voiceless and vulnerable people in my community, I want to tell and share the Untold Stories that were kept and still hidden under the pillows of the helpless victims.

Honest, strong, solution-based journalism will help my community to raise their muted and forgotten voices and reach it to the rest of the world.


.... we need to use our voices collectively to encourage women NOT to be victims anymore. The word victim in itself conveys powerlessness. And I know that is true, but doesn't have to be permanent. So much tragedy that happens in this world could and, I believe WILL stop when women no longer identify themselves as victims and start to live into their true power and voice.

Thank you, Maryan, for being their voice, now.


Dear Ruth,

Thanks for being the first to look at ma post and comment it back to me, of course its true our voices will collectively encourage women, you know they used to be the victims but not anymore and unless they/we stop believing that nothing will work, so i/we should work on how to eliminate it or in other words make them beleive they cant be the vicitims anymore and they cant be powerless anymore, they are the power of the world.

In solidarity, Maryan