Voices of Our Future program has been a great experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to interact many other grassroots women within and outside my country. It built my self confidence and made me realize my inner strength. It was really an eye opening for me. I used to be the person who keeps quite all the time thinking that people won’t listen or don’t care whatever I have to say or suggest. sometimes it happened that I used to share my views with the person next to me in a meeting just to raise the issue and share it with the rest of the crew believing that even if I talk nobody will value it and its somewhat embarrassing!.

Pairing up with such an inspiring, encouraging and lovely mentor and midwife totally changed my life. It transformed me from the shy, quite person into a person who raises any issue that feels so right and never fears of the embarrassment of not valuing her ideas.

I remember sometime back nobody wanted my opinion, not even my coworkers and now it turned out that everybody values my opinion and ideas or even asks me for help. Just few days ago a coworker called me from Nairobi and asked me personally to report a success story from women peace activists who are our organization’s stakeholders. She told me “I am precisely giving you this task because I know you are a good writer/reporter”!

Sometimes in life all we need is someone to give us a listening ear to whatever we have to say and with their support we can take every step towards accomplishing that vision. That is what I got from my mentor, midwife, Rachael, Scott and the rest of the WorldPulse team, my VOF fellow correspondents and other Pulsewire friends. There are many visions I had which seemed unrealistic to me earlier but now I am pretty sure I can accomplish it.

The last assignment we have been given was to reach at least five other grassroots women in our community, but the option of holding trainings was still open for us. I had plans of holding many training to different parts of the society, but had encountered some obstacles including bloodshed violence in my city. This reduced to only two trainings out of the numerous trainings I planned.

Between 4th and 14th August 2011, I and two other colleagues organized ten days capacity building training for youth aged between 14 and 28. When we assessed the situation we realized that there was a need to train them for leadership skills, empowerment and also the usage of social media to amplify their voices and reach into a wider audience. The participants of this training were forty five (45), seventeen ladies and twenty eight boys. They were two batches, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

The main objective of this training was to: improve youth’s leadership style, improve their capacity of thinking and ways of acquiring high self esteem, train them for the basics of social media tools to amplify their voices and train them for communications/negotiation skills. The main topics covered were: Self empowerment, Leadership skills (played blind folding game to indicate the good and bad leaders), Communications/negotiation skills, Conflict resolution and Usage of social media to Social change.

Before the start of the program, I was feeling a little nervous but later everything was great. I had two sessions to facilitate, i.e. session one: Self empowerment and session two: Social media. Though I was fasting I didn’t feel tired or even thirst. I facilitated from 8:30am in the morning till 5:30pm in the evening. The morning session was from 8:30am till 12:30pm. We went for prayers for one hour and came back by 1:30pm and proceeded till 5:30pm.

The second training was on Wednesday, 26th Oct 2011. I held Social Media training for 11 women, the Theme of the training was “Usage of Social Media in Community Integration and Women’s Empowerment”. The main aim of this training was to equip those women with the basic tools to connect other grassroots women (within and outside their country), give them the ability to connect and amplify their voice to reach into a wider audience, benefit from the tremendous resources in the internet and use it for their wellbeing, carry awareness raising towards women’s empowerment, get the basic knowledge of how to develop websites for their women groups, easily connect with likeminded people and collaborate in peacebuilding and community’s integration activities. They were engaged throughout the training and were very excited to get such a knowledge which will help them shape their lives and upgrade their activities. I planned to hold this training on September but the two bloodshed violence that erupted in the city took the whole month for reconciliations and delayed the training and my plans.

Both trainings were successful despite all the challenges and shortcomings I encountered. The city been turned into a battle field or losing a coworker and dear colleague who was assassinated, things that have been a little unpleasant for me but with God’s grace and the help and support of my Pulsewire friends/team and my lovely mentor and midwife I was able to cope all that and still stay strong.


Thanks for sharing this Ruun. Feels really good to see the chain of empowerment is getting longer. Congrats to you and best wishes for future. May you become an example for thousands of women!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Thanks dear for taking the time to read my post and leaving such a lovely comment.

Congratulations once again for being selected as one of the VOF Correspondents, you deserve it :-) Cant wait to read your stories.


Hey, Thank you so much for the strength you have about a positive purpose in life.I am very excited with this kind of energy. Go gal that is excellent.I live in Nairobi,Kindly get in touch so that we can expand the work of PW.

Lucia Buyanza -Clinical Instructor

Your comment is so encouraging, thank you so much for reading it. Glad that you found it inspiring!

Nairobi is like a second home to me, I have been there for over 3 year! Lets keep in touch and expand this amazing platform for all women, will inbox my Skype.

Love, RA

Dearest Marian,

This is awesome! Love the photos and story - you are an incredible leader for women in technology in Somalia and worldwide - you inspire me each day sister Ruun!

Love, Jade

Dearest Sis,

Thank you sooooooooo much for the lovely encouraging comment!. You always inspire and encourage me, and you were the reason I found out Worldpulse, I always thank youuuuu. Without you I wouldn't have been able to get such experience or such lovely family :-)

BTW how did it go the Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference Oct. 25-26 in San Francisco?

Xoxox RA

Thanks Ruun, you are one of the reasons why I am here at World Pulse - it's incredible visionary leaders like you who are changing the world and I hope to continue facilitating opportunities any way I can :)

Thank you for also for asking about the Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference. It was a successful event, and your testimony, along with others from our community were represented in large posters surrounding the event venue. I will be writing up an update on the outcomes of the conference and plan on sharing it with the community in the next few weeks, along with some photos, so stay tuned!

Keep up the incredible work sister, and know we are all here cheering you on and standing in awe of your power!

xoxo Jade

Reading about what you are doing doing to empower young girls and boys in Somalia is very encouraging. You are a great leader Ruun and sky is the limit for you. I am new in Pulsewire community but so far am very encouraged. Keep it up dear.

First, welcome to this lovely family, glad that you already found it encouraging. Explore the site, interact with other Pulsewire friends, its really a life changing!. I have been here over a year and each and everytime I check my mails, I scroll it just checking if I had any communication from Pulsewire team/friends! How addicted is that!!! Thanks for taking the time to read my entry, your comment is so encouraging.

Welcome on board my dear.

Thanks dear, your encouraging message is always a source of inspiration to me! You always amaze me for all that you do for women/girls, God bless you abundantly.

Cant wait either! Just counting the days.

Much admiration and love.

Wow!! Marian

You did a very wonderful work. I am so glad to read you report. You overshot the target of five, that was very thoughtful of you. i could imagine the smiles on your face knowing that your participants enjoy the training and desire to learn more. You were really resourceful. well done


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

.... Absolutely yeah, they were enjoying with the training and were so eager to finally get such a knowledge. It was an experiential learning process where participation also generated the “raw material” (feelings, reactions, thoughts and reflections) for further learning. Everytime they ask questions, it generated a whole new set to explore. It was two way communication, and indeed I really enjoyed. I wish I had a video camera to record it, could have been so great to watch and listen.

Its been long time, how have you been my dear and hows the going out there?

Thank you so much dear sis. I always admire you and your work, Keep it up and God bless you.

How is the going these days in Dhadhaab and those sides?

Take care, I have heard that area isn't so safe these days.

Ruun, You are an amazing woman, and an amazing leader. Thank you for sharing your story with the world here. I know that you are making a big impact in your community by demonstrating the power of one voice, one vision... one dream!

Keep up the great work! Scott

Scott Beck

Thank you so much Scott, Its indeed you and other colleagues who always inspired me to do all these and stay still and become the person I am now!

In affection and solidarity, RA

Ruun ! Wow, wow !! such a lovely post. I could feel every single feeling you described. Energies must be bustling in the room. I am glad you included men! I can only imagine how much it has change their lives, dormant forces and talents became alive. How was the response overall? What else they aspired to learn from you? You’re a great Ukthi ! Umm of your community!

In love and light

Prayers for your colleagues !

Yea Yea, I had to include boys as well cuz you know we cant just educate/empower only one gender and leave the other, if we want to get a well committed and educated community. They were really excited and inspired me throughout the sessions! They were very very grateful to get this training as it will help them since the world is becoming a small village and what makes this so easy is the internet. Some of them visited me in the office many times and asked me to assist them with some of what we covered. It was indeed some of the best moments I can recall for 2011 :-)