We all know that women are the backbone of the family everywhere in this world, they are the daughters, sisters, mothers and wives to someone, starting from the families we should educate our daughters so that when they turn to be mothers they educate their kids as well, in other words educating kids while they are still young means educating the future leaders and presidents and this world will turn into a better place to live.

All these men who are destroying the world or creating violence and instability all the time are our sons, brothers, husbands, or fathers, if they could have been educated in the first place they wouldn’t have behaved this way. Mothers are the first school any kid can have, and just imagine an educated mom and how she tries to help her kids by improving they way of living an uneducated mom who doesn’t even know how to read or write and when her kids come from school she can’t even help them read and revise their lessons.

Observing all that, and how ladies can turn this world in to a better place why is it that we keep our daughters at home to do the household and we send our sons to schools to study? Why can we give them equal opportunities to study? Why can’t we educate our daughters so that they educate their kids to turn this world in to a better place, a world free from violence and conflicts?

Asking ourselves all these questions what do you think we do so that we solve these problems?.

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Hello Dear Maryan, I think you got a point there. Women needs to be skilled as well as to be aware of the values in investing in women's education. though women are known to be the backbones in the family, dont forget that they are just there to implement the acts(orders) from their husbands. These womens opinion are not considered or better still, they are not decision makers in their homes, and thus you noticed that the men decides on who to sponsor to school and who to stay at home. In such a situation, the mothers(women) of these children, with little or no skill to sustained the family will have no say than to succumb to what the husband says.

That remains me, sometimes, I feel women are just being flattered as when we used the words "women are the home backbone" bc in real sense these women don't execute their full rights as the firm supporters of the family, and that is also another reason why policies implemented have not been successful because of the lack of both partners joining forces, ideas to End all forms of discrimination against Women. for example, How can we be talking about VAW where the UN hasn't any agency for Women not until last June 2010 with UN Women Born www.gearcampaign.org

Dear! what we need to do is to involve every body;locally ,regional , globally into the struggle. Most importantly encourage women & girls to take up leadership position.

Many thanks for sharing your thought with us here on pulsewire, "Together Men and Women, unite to End VAW" .

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Dear Zoneziwoh absolutly i do agree with you that we should engage everyone on this issue, but the thing is that sometimes the fathers might be willing to send their daughters in to schools but the mothers are the ones who refuse to do that claiming that she needs some help around the hause and this daughter should remain at home helping her, lets not blame only the men that they are the ones having the upper hand of the family and not willing to educate their kids equally but we as women sometimes contribute to that, and beleive me i have seen and witnessed such issues in my place where i live some mothers forcing their daughters to be dropouts from schools even when they reached high school to do the hause chores. Therefore we should educate our kids equally both boys and girls not only boys alone or girls alone.

Cheers, Maryan


I agree with your thoughts. I also feel that it will just be the first step. The second step would be to get rid of the thought of self-sacrificing for the happiness of the clan/family. This idea is instilled in the minds of Indian women for generations. What probably they need to understand now is that there is a limit to everything in life and women need to learn to draw that line. In the thought of maternal instincts and the institution of marriage, they would be better off being there as an active participant in family's progress in life than being the donkey who carries all the emotional burden.

If you permit, would like to post your write up on my blog (http://awomaninindia.wordpress.com).

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Thanks Maryan.

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I will take this thought forward and in a blog soon will talk about treating household work, care as gainful employment. After all in the society's eyes, women dont do much when they are stay-at-home mums. and even do not do much when they are employed as their attention is not fully at work. So a loss making proposition at both ends. A woman needs to be respected for what she is doing -- bringing up the next generation!!

Dear Maryan,VictoryMust. I am a 100% for your point. it therefore means it is a Social Error; what do I mean by social error - many society holds the belief that women (girls) does the domestic work like cooking, washing of cloth etc while the men does the yard clearing, firewood splitting etc. so sad, we have grown up thinking that is the rule and final.

For sure, Yes! we shouldn't look at GBV from mens weakness but again we should look at what the women themselves are doing to reduce VAW.

Thanks for that enlightenment

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