Hello, I want to share with my life experience. I graduated from university with a BS in Business Economics at the age of 22; i got immediately married afterwards and had my 2 daughters and my son. In a country ravaged by war it wasn't easy for me to work as we had to move from one place to the other looking for safety. After 20 years from leaving college, i went back to the university to complete a 1 year program for Teaching Diploma in Social Sciences. I started then my teaching career. Besides, I pursued and completed an MA in Educational Administration and Policy Studies. I had to endure the difficulties of being a mother, a school vice principal and a student researcher at the same time. Here i am again trying to complete my PhD. in Sciences of Education. I am currently a Head of School which is owned by a previous minister. I loved this place because i hoped that i could make some changes to improve the life of students and and the life of their teachers. However, the owner, prevented me from accomplishing all the needed reform; in fact, he wanted a Leader with no authority. He forced me to resign, the thing that i did not accept. I had to leave the school, i cannot guarantee my personal safety. I find myself, abused and threatened by a powerful politician at my work place. I left my job, I will continue working on my dissertation, a tyrant and corrupt man will not stop me from moving forward. My love for my grand son and grand daughter.



I am sorry to hear what happened at your school and that you lost your job.  Unfortunately some people are so rigid and controlling on how things should be, they are not open to new ideas, even if these ideas could improve things.

I am glad to read that you are going to continue on your journey and keep moving forward.

Best wishes,