I watched the footage of people celebrating in DC and Times Square NYC. I was amazed! It clearly reminded me of the people celebrating in the Middle East after the 9/11 attacks. Right now America is celebrating Osama's death just like a bunch of 'sick' people celebrated the death of 3000 innocent Americans! The similarity is strong and equally paradoxical -- Justice is terribly subjective. It seems that my wonderful American brothers and sisters are no more civilized than their 'uncivilized/terrorist’ Muslim brothers and sisters:)

I am originally from Pakistan and I happen to be a woman and contrary to popular belief in the US, courtesy your media I’m anything BUT oppressed! You have to see it to believe it. 9/11 was heartbreaking for me! I was living in NYC when the twin towers came down. I was supposed to be visiting the "Windows of the World" that morning. Technically speaking, I would have been a victim of 9/11 too if my alarm clock had not died on me! It was fairly freaky to be a 'Muslim' from 'Pakistan' around that time or maybe it was purely psychological paranoia: "they think I'm a terrorist too!" To be completely honest, I would cringe even at the thought of stepping over and killing an insect on purpose (yes, it sounds psychotic but that's how I was raised - to respect and protect LIFE) And there I was looked down upon as a 'terrorist' from a Muslim country ---- just like the rest of the 1.8 billion Muslims out there in this world! It was tough!

It's been almost 10 years and finally Osama bin Laden is DEAD (at least that's what we are told by the media and there's NO way we can double check if this information is correct or real) Pakistan's map is being flashed on each and every news channel ---- Fox news continues to amuse me with it's reckless brain washing of the naive ill informed average American. In the middle of all this jubilation, I'm scared hoarse, 'What's next'? From Afghanistan to Iraq to Pakistan - You came looking for Osama and happily killed many innocent Afghans, Iraqis and now Pakistani men, women and children - ALL IN THE NAME OF THIS "WAR AGAINST TERRORISM"? SWEET! Who are you? GOD? With a license to kill whoever, in your delusional frame of mind, falls in the category of 'terrorism'? As the saying goes “One man’s wine is another man’s poison” Americans are terrorists in the eyes of those who are being killed in the name of terrorism. How come you are not '"labeled" as a terrorist country when you go around the globe killing whoever you choose to?

Only two decades ago these same terrorists were hailed as the Mujahideen who helped bring down the mighty Russian Empire. None other than this very Osama Bin Laden built for the US its arsenal in the mountains of Tora Bora. What a paradox! You left them in the lurch once your job was done to become the Only Super Power in a Unipolar world. What about all those countless homeless, parentless kids roaming around in these countries who are suffering the cost of your revenge? Is this the end of terrorism or just the beginning of some real ugly end? Aren’t you sowing the dragon’s teeth this way? How do you think these kids feel? Families who have lost their innocent sons, husbands, wives, mothers or fathers? How do you think they feel? What do you think they are capable of doing? They’ve got no Black Hawks, UAVs, highly trained commandos or advanced equipment to seek revenge by declaring a 'civilized war'? If they could Mr Obama, I assure you, they would! The world would not look at them as 'terrorists' - Just the way you are justified to kill as many innocents as you like because you are 'civilized' and 'resourceful' enough to attack others and label it as 'WAR ON TERRORISM'! What about these homeless/parentless children roaming around the streets of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan? How do they feel? Do you have any idea? What if they decide to declare their own 'version' of a war on terrorism against the US? They’ve got no Black Hawks, UAVs, highly trained commandos or other sophisticated resources needed to declare a 'fair' war? What do you think they are going to do when they grow up? What if I AM THAT CHILD? IMAGINE for a second: WHAT IF YOU ARE THAT CHILD? No amount of reason or logic can help you feel compassion towards those who not only kill innocents but also think they are entitled to do so! THINK for a second: If I come over and blast your home, kill your children and the rest of your family in front of you --- how would you feel? How did you feel when 9/11 happened? Did you forget the mourning Moms and Dads and kids? Their lifelines never made it home that day! People jumped out in desperation from some of the highest floors of the Twin Towers? How can you forget what it means to be innocent and pay the price of someone else's crime? How can you enter my home, burn it down and kill all my loved ones and expect me to forgive you? Would you forgive me and embrace me if I did that to you? Your sickly and highly biased spineless media (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX) does not cover your ruthless killings all over the world, which does not mean you are innocent! Just because you are powerful enough to hide all your war crimes, it does not mean your victims are going to continue to suffer in silence! How can you continue to second guess all the hatred you've successfully managed to pile up by killing countless innocent people all over the globe? Mr Obama, loss leads to pain and pain makes you do crazy things --- especially if it's continues to gnaw your heart and soul for years! The human bombers are a case in point. After the Japanese Kamikaze pilots these are examples of the ultimate sacrifice born of hatred.

Today, I'm worried --- I'm extremely worried about my people and my country! This could simply be another excuse for the US to sit in my home and continue to kill as many as they like in the name of this bloody (literally!) continued war on terrorism!! I'm done --- I'm exhausted --- I'm drained! But I'm definitely smart enough to see where it's going! I don't need to try hard enough to empathize with all those kids, men and women and I can imagine the hatred they feel against the US! Please know that not even for a Nano second am I promoting the idea that TERRORISM IS JUSTIFIED or killing innocent people is OK! What I'm trying to put forth is very simple: you're civilized enough to go and kill whoever you like, right? What about all those innocent people from these poor countries who don't have the luxury to attack the US in a civilized manner? What about their justice and seething revenge? What about their pain and loss? Mr. Obama, if you really want to end this war on terrorism then I humbly request you to please STOP being a TERRORIST FIRST! STOP HURTING HUMAN LIFE IN THE NAME OF WAR (OR OIL)! OR better come up with a SAMRT pill that can wipe off all the memories of all the painful losses people have suffered because of your reckless grandiose entitlement to kill!

LAST: Mr Obama, May Allah continue to bless you and America for its brilliant ideology and democracy! For me, I will continue to admire and respect America (and that clearly EXCLUDES ALL THEIR FUNKY FOREIGN POLICIES - I do not have even an ounce of respect for some of them) I just hope and pray, someday, one of you will stand up and not only acknowledge but also decide to STOP your own 'version' of 'terrorism'! I hope that will significantly cut down the anti American sentiment as well the churning of thousands of homeless/parentless victims every year who are ideal candidates for their own version of 'war on terrorism' against the US of A --- Trust me, justice is awfully subjective!

I’m praying and waiting for an American leader a la Thomas Jefferson!


great to read your comments and share what is on your mind- yes, I agree that it is interesting how it seems fine that blood is shed elsewhere and in much, much greater numbers than what happened in NYC. All of the killing is terrible, and surely not justified because of a righteousness one country may feel over another. It is good to hear your perspective. I listened to a program on the CBC yesterday and there were fellow Canadians expressig their views in a variety of ways..some sharing the sentiment of the disappointing scene of rejoicing and also the lack of justice. One clip I heard quickly was of a Canadian mother who was pregnant at the time her husband was killed on 9/11. She woke her child and told him that Bin Laden had been killed and he asked her what gave them the right to go in and shoot him without having a trial. out of the mouth of a 9 year old boy- the recognition that silence on behalf of the accused doesn't always been justice.

I am looking from the outside, and I am not affected more than anyone else without direct ties. The fighting and killing can only stop when both decide to put down their weapons and stop hate. The real victims always end up being people who are guilty of nothing else but trying to do their best in the day to day of life.

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." — John Lennon

Dear Darcey,

thanks so much for your wonderful comment. It was heart warming to hear the story of a very 'rational' 9 year old boy! We need more kids like this one --- to help make this world a better place!

The only way to peace is Peace itself ---- No amount of war or hatred can lead to any good results! It is not rocket science but still people find it SO hard to understand how meaningless all this struggle for power and money is....

Peace always! love, Saima

Dear Bonnie,

i was just talking to a friend in NYC and his thoughts about how sad most of the people around him feel about what's been going on in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan! Thank you SO MUCH for your comment and for your understanding! It's a great gift to be able to relate to someone's loss --- thanks for relating to mine! I just wish people in Pakistan had access to people like you so they can learn to see that their target of hatred should not be 'Americans' but only the 'American foreign policies" that promote such brutal military actions!

Thanks again for your kindness and your empathy - truly appreciated!

Peace, Saima

...is so important. When the twin towers fell and everyone around me was cursing the Muslim world I kept encouraging people to ask questions. Really deep questions. Why did this happen? What makes a man hijack a jetliner and bring down a skyscraper killing thousands of innocents? The answer is not superficial. It is not something silly like, "Muslims believe they will go straight to heaven and get to sleep with 40 virgins." The seed for the 9/11 attack was planted decades ago, probably during the Soviet/Afghan war, maybe even before. So many Americans walk around socially unconscious. Despite the many good things about my nation, this is one thing that continues to be an embarrassment to me - the suffering our lifestyles cause so many other peoples of the world. We see it not only in our continued quest for oil reserves, but as children work diamond mines in the Congo. As the migrant workers bring our food in from the fields - for pennies a day. As women from grossly underprivileged nations toil nearly endlessly to make apparel for a fashion-obsessed culture. Look at what's going on in Nigeria right now.

Yesterday morning, as I lay in bed listening to the news, I wondered what new seeds this action had planted. By essentially martyring Bin Laden, what reprisals will other innocents suffer? Worse, today it continues. Today's highlights were the photographs - and if you didn't see them there was some knucklehead on the radio talking about them, actually describing the wounds Bin Laden sustained. Ah, the preoccupations of my fellow Americans.

My country's focus continues to be shortsighted - and so often blurry, at best. May we all find positive ways to contribute to our communities and implement change that really lasts - that truly heals and unites.


My Dear Stormy,

It was heart warming to read your comment - so thoughtful and thought provoking! I wish the rest of the world could question the way you do --- this world would certainly be a better place! You have a kind heart and that's why you think the way you do --- thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts with me! I need to find a platform where most of my felllow pakistanis can read these comments and have a change of heart! It breaks my heart when people judge the 'americans' as being "BAD" ---- they need to learn to shift the focus! I try to educate as many as i can --- but sometimes, it's hard to help people see through the rational lens when they are hurting:( I've lived in the US, EUROPE and now living in South East Asia. I can say with confidence that, so far, AMERICANS are the kindest, nicest and most trustworthy people i've met in my life as a nation! It's a shame that they are held responsible for something they are not even remotely responsible for! I wish the media would interview people who condemn these acts of terrorism in the name of war against terrorism --- so the rest of the world can see that Americans are neither proud nor supportive of these ruthless killings!

Thanks a ton once again!

Peace and Love always, Saima

Saima, your article is well articulated and I could not agree more with you! Thanks for sharing your views. Where in Pakistan do you reside? I shall be visiting Islamabad soon -- perhaps, we can meet. Write to me at: toshaheensultan@gmail.com

Best regards, Shaheen Sultan

Cheers, Shaheen


Dear Shaheen,

Thank you SO much for your kind words!

I don't live in Pakistan but i do visit a few times a year. What about you? Where do you live? Have a safe trip. Things are not looking good back home but considering how RESILIENT we are as a nation --- we won't break down so easily!

Peace, Saima